5 Sales Tools to Help you Close Deals Faster and Improve your Sales Process

Productivity tools tend to pop up everywhere with each week having its all-new killer-app. We have tried to pave our way out of this maze and narrowed down the list to 5 apps that can really help you along the way. If you are trying to stay on top of your job and improve your sales process each time to close deals, take a look ahead and maybe you’ll find something that can actually make a difference.

Generate Qualified Prospects

As you know, leads don’t always come in. Sometimes, you have to reach out to grab some yourself. Getting that first step is not always easy. Even less so when you have to keep that human touch, so a personalized email might be a good fit. Having a tool that can do both is what you want— that’s where Prospect.io comes in.


With Prospect.io, you can easily capture the email addresses of your target contacts from the most well known professional social network or from company websites with a click on a button.
Once you’ve built your mailing list, you can send up to 400 personalized emails per day with advanced personalization variables. You can keep track of each campaign’s performance and follow up on them with your team.

Engage, Manage, and Sign

Once you have those leads in the pipeline, you have to work your magic. Make the calls, talk the talk, send reminders, draft those proposals. Whether you need to do outbound calls, follow-up on your leads, check in on your team, or save time and sign a deal online, these tools might help you have an impact and make the difference to beat the competition.


Aircall is a complete cloud solution for sales teams that will improve outbound calls. It includes everything from call recording to data analysis and seamlessly integrates with most CRMs and helpdesk tools such as Intercom. Numbers from more than 100 countries can be added and real-time analytics offer you deep insights.


This web application tells you exactly how anyone reads your sent document, the time spent, the actions taken, and everything else that can be tracked. Tilkee alerts you in real time on how much time was spent on each page, on which device and the % of the document read. The algorithm scores each prospect’s interest with real-time analytics to help you better prioritize your follow-ups. Save yourself some time (and some money as well) by tracking via this cloud-based document management and e-signature solution how sales proposals and quotations are read. Make a quick call when you know a prospect is reading your quote and close the deal fast.


PandaDoc is a complete digital document solution, designed for efficiency. Let’s be honest, most of us are slightly annoyed when asked to print, sign, scan and email again each document back when we have to sign a contract. Pandadoc can be a big help to sign documents online easily from anywhere in the world. Create, send, track, and e-sign media-rich documents— all directly from the easy-to-use platform.

To bind all these tools together, you need a software that’s agile and convenient to use. So that takes the market leaders in CRM software out. They are slow, costly and made for marketing people. The time has come for a tool specifically designed for salespeople. A tool to manage your pipeline and close your deals the easy way.


You are probably overburdened by your CRM software. It’s tedious and slow. It’s always a long day when you have to fill out contact details and not forget to send a reminder to a lead a couple of days ahead. So a CRM that’s only focused on sales might be the thing for you.

To tell you the truth, there are many sales CRM systems out there but not so much that are designed with salespeople in mind. With noCRM’s lead management software, it’s simple and easy. Create leads by scanning business cards directly with your phone or set a To-Do for the next action in a matter of clicks. You will always know what to do next, never lose a lead and see which deals require your attention. Plus, it integrates with many of the tools mentioned above! By aligning noCRM with them, you can create powerful automations and workflows that will improve your sales process.”

Why don’t you give these tools a try and start their trials such as the one offered by noCRM.io?