8 Marketing Personalization Strategies for Boosting Sales

Internet users have changed their attitude towards the consumption of content, goods, and services. Now they are better informed, selective, and can easily and quickly switch to competitors, and it’s all available with a couple of clicks. It’s now a necessity for brands that want to increase the number of customers, improve the loyalty indicators of these customers and stimulate the growth of the total turnover to build personalized navigation paths for each visitor with marketing personalization.

Marketing Personalization is a unique way with all the relevance to meet their expectations and needs at each stage of customer navigation. It has become an important and thoughtful foundation marketing strategy. At the heart of digital marketing is the idea of momentum. With each subsequent piece of content published by your company, you push customers to the next stage of your sales.

The success of your business largely depends on the right strategy. But on which side to approach marketing to reach the right track? We want to offer you eight marketing personalization strategies that you should take to boost sales and get an efficient sales process. Let’s start!

Formulate the message.

To determine the main idea that you are trying to convey to the end consumer, first outline a circle of topics that will be considered during the sales process. In addition to market research and feedback monitoring, insights from your sales team or project manager will help you at this stage.

Define your audience

You should have a clear understanding of how and to whom to present information. In turn, this means that you should choose the appropriate tone and style of your presentation. When telling your story, try to be on the same wavelength as your audience. A good starting point is to analyze “bottlenecks” and conflict points in your sales.

Track the path of the buyer

Explore the needs of your audience and learn about the steps they have taken to interact with your brand. Create infographics of this process, work through the various stages of this path for customers from different target groups.

Keep in mind that potential buyers interact with your business not at one point of a customer decision journey, but at once in several. Thus, the path to the purchase is becoming more and more confused and less and less like the classic sales scheme.

Determine at what stages your sales are slowing down, and then use this information to find out how the promoted content matches your overall strategy. To clearly define your strategy, it is important to use competent advice. To fully implement the chosen strategy, unfortunately, it is not always possible to calculate the budget.

Divide and rule

Group your audience into different segments. The methods used in UI design can be a good help: create several characters and define their needs as your readers. Then start testing your messages through content channels, for example through email marketing, a blog or instant messengers.

The basis of your characters can be just such user segments. And the fewer groups you have, the better. You can use this structure as a basis for creating your content.

Keep up to date

Find out the details that determine the effectiveness of each stage of your sales cycle, select keywords and configure triggers to suit them. This approach will help you create a long-term strategy to maintain an effective marketing strategy.

With noCRM.io, it will be easier for you to track and close deals, while you do not need to waste precious time entering data. Our tool will help you build a smoother sales pipeline and increase sales.

Education marketing

Education marketing is a relatively new form of marketing. Its meaning is that you first offer your customers to learn something useful. For example, how to solve their problems more efficiently. Training your customers works very well for two reasons:

  • This increases customer confidence and loyalty to you. Both current and potential. When you educate your clients, you immediately give them some value. Your customers, accustomed to trying to sell something only at every corner, will be very pleasantly surprised that they are offered to learn how to solve their problems more effectively.
  • Selling is much easier during training. Since you can integrate the sale of your products or services into the learning process itself. For example, if you sell juicers, then you can write for your potential clients a small book entitled “How to Preserve Health, Youth and Beauty Using Natural Juices” (even if it is a book in PDF format). And already for those who are interested in the book, sell your juicers.

Start teaching your customers something that will help them solve their problems (naturally, with the help of your product), and among many of them, you will find grateful buyers. To find more tips on how to use education marketing, we suggest you take a look at some of the sales techniques we covered in a previous article.

Use the cross-sell system

Using cross-selling technology, you can increase sales without attracting new customers or changing anything in your products.

A prime example: look at how cross-selling an Amazon online store does. When you choose a book, the books that you usually buy along with the one you have chosen are automatically shown to you. That is, you are automatically offered to buy something else in the evening. And you can be sure that a certain percentage of people in response to such an offer buys more than they intended to buy before.

Another classic cross-sell example is the work of sellers at McDonald’s. When you order a hamburger with Coke, a friendly seller will offer you to try french fries or a cherry pie. And this does not happen at all because you are all so wonderful. This is the result of a clearly structured and carefully calibrated sales system, which without fail includes such a critical element as cross-sell.

With the help of cross-selling technology, you can quickly increase sales without additional investments, without attracting new customers, with existing products, and almost without any effort on your part.

Check yourself constantly

Track errors and spaces in your messages addressed to a specific user. Over time, you will learn to do this automatically and will be able to achieve better results in the implementation of your product and your sales process as a whole. If it does not work well with a certain segment but is quite successful in another, you may need to work with your marketing team to create new content for new segments of users.

To summarize, we want to once again note that marketing personalization is one of the most effective ways to interest and attract a modern client. Marketing personalization emphasizes the advantages and differences of the company from other competing companies. Following our strategies, you have every chance of boosting sales. Hurry to apply them now, before this trend has just begun to develop.

Mónica Rodríguez is a writer, art historian, and editor at LendGenius. She specializes in Art History, Art Conservation, History, Literature, Finance, Tech, Wellness, and Travel. In her free time, she’s usually roaming the halls of the museum or the local bookstore surrounded by stacks of books.