noCRM Mentions Feature to Foster Team Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of successful companies. Working together is key to achieving company-level goals. That’s particularly valid in a sales team. Focusing on individual goals is equally important. However, knowing what your colleagues are doing to achieve their own and being aware of where the overall sales are headed towards is fundamental.

The expression ‘sharing is caring’ makes sense in this context: if every sales rep works on their own spreadsheet, it’s complicated for a sales manager to see their evolution and analyse their performance, and being able to easily talk to your manager or piers about a specific problem you’re having with a prospect or lead can often help you and the team in general.

Implementing a lead management software that has collaboration at heart is therefore essential: teams can work together, you have access to a global activity feed, and you can now also @Mention other sales reps or managers if needed.

Mentions: Foster your Sales Team Collaboration

The Mentions feature was officially integrated inside to answer a specific need: being able to work together and help each other. Notify specific colleagues on any lead or prospect to share news and update with them. The users you mention will then receive real-time notifications.


Sales meetings are important moments to exchange challenges and difficulties everyone’s going through. The experiences of others will often help you with your own deals. Nonetheless, it’s also important to be able to ask for help when you hit a roadblock with a lead. With noCRMio’s @Mentions feature, you can be assured you’ll have the help you need at the right time.

But that’s not the only situation in which @Mentions can be useful. As a sales manager, you might want to congratulate a rep or the entire team for a big win, or even give them tips on what they could have done better with a lead. You might also want to inform your team of a new prospecting list for them to start qualifying. @Mentions are a real asset when it comes to efficiently managing a sales team.

There should be no barriers to collaboration, and’s Mentions feature is here to break them all.

Does your sales team need a boost in collaboration? Try!