How Darwin Conseils Expanded Their Service Offerings with

“One of the main reasons we like is that it is very user friendly and even people who are not comfortable with tech will get to grips with it very quickly.”

Grégoire Pineau, Founder.
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About Darwin Conseils

Gregoire Pineau is the founder of Darwin Conseils, a consultancy dedicated to helping SMBs improve their sales process and efficiency with 3 main focuses: 

  • CRM
  • Coaching
  • Commercial support

Gregoire has been involved in customer relationship management over the span of his career as a manager of a call center, a marketing manager in B2C, and a sales representative.

He gives an example of  when he was in a meeting with retailers and asked them how many active quotations they had and what their sales forecast was for the next month. No one was able to give him an answer. This gave him the idea to sell them, and other companies in similar situations, sales consultancy and digital tools.

“Sales CRMs or lead management solutions can help SMBs manage their sales processes so I included CRM implementation in my business plan.” — Gregoire, CEO.

Darwin Conseils now helps over 30 companies with sales teams of 5 to 20 reps, mainly in B2B across various industries improve their sales strategies and internal sales processes. 

What are the Challenges for Darwin Conseils?

Darwin Conseils had already built partnerships with Koban (local CRM) and HubSpot. They needed various tools to answer the many needs and challenges of their clients. 

HubSpot is a good fit for teams who need a contact management tool coupled with advanced marketing features, but most of Darwin Conseils’ clients were looking for a tool that is easy to use and really focused on the sales process and lead management

The team’s biggest challenge was to understand the sales process and activity of their clients as many companies haven’t clearly defined their sales steps and their prospecting strategies.  

Before setting up a sales CRM, it is important to align with management on the goals and requirements they have in terms of performance tracking, usage and the main objective of the tool such as an improved follow-up process, better team management, etc.

Why Did They Choose as a Lead Management Software for Their Clients ? 

“ is easy to understand— even people who don’t like using technology will get to grips with it quickly. It’s also really sales-focused and the best tool to keep track of your leads in a simple and fun way. The report features are very simple and powerful and the implementation is easy and quick”— Gregoire, CEO. 

Using, Gregoire observed that a manager can immediately measure the ROI of the tool implemented: easier tracking of leads and the performance of the team → improvement in closing rate and management of the sales team.

For Darwin Conseils, a key differentiator is also the fact that enables users to manage prospects separately from the main pipeline and leads. This is very powerful and saves a lot of time.

“The pricing and the way we can adapt the tool to any type of business makes noCRM.ioa perfect fit for Darwin Conseils.”— Gregoire, CEO.

Restaurant Use Case


A restaurant based in Lyon had issues renting their meeting and conference room. They already had a solution for managing the restaurant reservations but they were losing track of leads for the conference room. 


Darwin Conseils advised them to implement in order to follow up on the incoming calls they were receiving to book the conference room.

After their first meeting, during which they gathered all the details on their needs and challenges, they built the complete process for the restaurant to improve their closing rate. They then implemented the process in and trained five of the restaurant’s team members on the tool. Now, all calls are efficiently turned into leads and the number of reservations has increased significantly!

“With a sales manager or a SMB can immediately measure the ROI of having implemented the tool.”

What Drove Darwin Conseils to Choose’s Partner Program and How is it Different from Others?

Darwin Conseil praises the proactive approach of when it comes to supporting their partners. 

“The noCRM.ioteam is great to work with and offers complete support during the implementation period for our customers! Plus their vast resources online makes it so easy for us to answer and advise our clients. Their Partner Program rewards help us grow our business and our clients’ businesses. It’s a win-win!”— Gregoire, CEO.

How Does Darwin Conseils Promote 

Darwin Conseils uses several channels to spread the word: 

  • Social media network (such as LinkedIn)
  • BNI, a local event and networking luncheon –
  • Coaching conferences about the use and interest of CRMs and lead management tools

What are the Results of the Partnership? 

15 of Darwin Conseil’s customers have implemented, representing approximately 25 users. As well as the commission they generate on licences sold, Darwin Conseils also adds consultancy and implementation services fees that bring added-value to their customers. 

“We’re only at the beginning of our partnership and we’ve generated 8100 euros in less than 6 months from commission and implementation service fees! We’re excited to continue growing and building this relationship”— Gregoire, CEO.