Effective Sales Meetings: How to Organize Your Sales Meeting

Intro: Have effective sales meetings and be more efficient with your process with You Don’t Need a CRM’s tags. 

effective sales meetings

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Monday morning, 10 am. You have your weekly sales meeting with your staff. Every week you plan it to be a 1h meeting, it always ends up taking much longer than that. Your salespeople have taken some time to prepare, so have you… You want your meetings to be faster, more efficient. You want to get to the meeting knowing exactly where your salespeople are at and help them out in what’s needed. Well organized and successful meetings are ones that will help you better manage your sales team.

With You Don’t Need a CRM!, that’s as easy as using tags. Yes, tags. Those small keywords that are widely used on the Internet nowadays. You find them in every public social network and they have proven to be quite powerful, especially on Twitter when a major event happens. If they can be powerful in social media, they can also be powerful in a lead management software!
How? In many many ways… but today we’re addressing only one: making your sales meetings more efficient thanks to a review system built by tags.

Sometimes there are certain bits of information which require your attention as a manager or that need to be double-checked before they go out. As there are a lot of things to work on in the daily life of a salesperson, it can easily happen that certain bits of information are being overlooked or just simply forgotten to check.

For example, if one of your salespeople has just drafted a new quote for a service and needs your input on it, by adding a tag “to be reviewed” or “to be discussed” to their lead solves it all. Before going to your sales meeting, you simply filter the leads tagged with “to be reviewed” or “to be discussed”. You don’t waste time looking for the information, asking your salespeople what they need help with and you arrive at the meeting with all the feedback you need to provide.

effective sales meetings

Once the meeting is over, you can easily remove the tag from the leads, resting assured that you didn’t miss out on anything in your meeting agenda.

It’s as easy as that!
More on the power of tags soon…

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