Pipeline View: All Your Leads Displayed By Sales Steps!

To efficiently manage your leads, not only do you need a simple software where your salespeople are happy to enter data since it helps them on their daily activities, but as a manager you also need to have a clear overview of what they are doing and where your business stands at. The Pipeline View.

With You Don’t Need a CRM!, the first part has always been answered. Nevertheless, we were still lacking the second part: a clear overview of the leads and many customers were craving for it. Since our n°1 priority is to satisfy our clients needs and help them in their daily sales management activities, we decided to improve our lead management solution by developing the Pipeline View!

During the last 2 months, this feature was in a private Beta and some customers, whom we would like to thank for their helpful feedbacks, tried it before its official release.

Today, we’re very excited to announce that the Pipeline view of You Don’t Need a CRM! is out and about! Every existing and future customer can now have access to it and enjoy its simplicity.

Pipeline View

With the Pipeline View, your sales management activities will be simplified: you’ll have a clear overview of your leads by sales steps, which will enable you not only to know where your business it as, but also to know what leads might need a little extra hand to move forward.

Moreover, the variety of filters will enable you to rapidly access the right information and the drag & drop system will help you organize the leads in a matter of seconds!

You’re a tablet or iPad user? Don’t worry! The Pipeline View is fully compliant with both systems.

Don’t waste more time and try it out yourself!

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Stay tuned, more news to come soon!
The You Don’t Need a CRM! team