🤝 Welcome to our B2B sales script!

Welcome to our free B2B sales script to help you better qualify your prospects and win more customers! 

We have created a B2B cold calling script example for prospecting to help you create a good sales pitch and not forget any information. 

You can follow our instructions and customize your script to make successful cold calls, according to your needs: edit the blocks already present, or delete and add other blocks using the menu on your right (drag and drop the elements your salespeople need). 

💡 Introduction to your call:

  • Hello, my name is (your name) and I work as (job title + company name)
  • "Elevator Pitch" (Company Name) is a solution to/ We are specialized in... Keep the description of your company between one and two sentences maximum, indicating what it does and what problem it solves.
  • Do you have a few minutes to discuss (Company's identified NEED)
  • (If no): Okay, are you available on (date) so I can call you back?   
  • (If yes): Continue with the questions and elements of the script.
😃  Don't forget to smile: your prospect will hear it!

🕵 Contact information

🏭 Company information

❤️ Motivation / Needs

⏱️ Timing / Budget