📞 Welcome to our cold call script example

Ensure consistent sales calls to optimize your prospecting with our cold call script example. You can also access this template in PDF format and share it with your team. 

Personalize this cold call script to suit your needs, follow the guidelines to adapt them to your prospects, and experience an increase in booked meetings and successful sales. 

1️⃣ Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is (your name), and I am (job title) at (company). We offer (briefly describe your product/service and its main benefit)

  • E.g. for a lead management tool: We offer a lead management tool that allows companies to optimize their prospecting and sales processes with ease.

2️⃣ Show interest in the contact's company

Option 1:
Recently I saw that your company (add some info that can then be related to what benefits your product/service can bring), could you tell me more about it? 

  • E.g. for a recruitment management system: I saw recently that your company was looking to recruit new employees: could you tell me more about your recruitment process and the tools you use?

Option 2:
After researching your company, I'm curious about (mention a specific area of activity that could benefit from improvement). How are you currently managing this?
  • E.g. for an invoice management tool: After researching your company, I'm curious about how you are currently managing your invoicing process. How are you currently managing this and what are the tools you use?

👉 Data collected

3️⃣ Showcase your value

Our solution offers (detail your product/service based on the contact's needs), potentially delivering (emphasize 2 key benefits of your product/service) to your company.

👉 Do you have a few spare minutes to answer a few questions?

4️⃣ Collect detailed information about the company

The following questions are designed to obtain more information about the company, its needs, and its pain points. This way you can better prepare and highlight the benefits of your offer during the meeting that will follow the call.

🏢 Company info

✋ Needs

📅 Planning / 💰 Budget

5️⃣ Book a meeting


📆 Would you be available on (date) so that we can further discuss the benefits we can provide to your business?