🤝 Welcome to our cold calling script for digital marketing agencies!

Welcome to our free digital marketing cold call script to help you better qualify your prospects and win more customers! 

We have created a cold calling scripts for marketing agencies, to help you create a good sales pitch and not forget any information. 

You can follow our instructions and customize your script to make successful cold calls, according to your needs: edit the blocks already present, or delete and add other blocks using the menu on your right (drag and drop the elements your salespeople need). 

💡 Introduction to your call:

  • Hello, my name is (your name) and I work as (job title + agency name)
  • "Elevator Pitch": (Description of the agency) We are specialized in (Type of activity, e.g. SEO/ SEA/ Growth/ Social, etc.) to enable you to (Results e.g. Generate X% growth/ Generate leads every month/ increase your traffic by, etc.)
  • Do you have a few minutes to talk about your company, its current resources for (solving the problem you want to address), and the results you want to achieve? 
  • (If no): Okay, are you available on (date) so I can call you back?   
  • (If yes): Continue with the questions and elements of the script.
😃  Don't forget to smile: your prospect will hear it!

🕵 Contact information: Understand who you are talking to

🏢 Company information: Understand what their business does:

📈 Marketing activities

❤️ Motivation / Needs