☎️ Welcome to our sales script example

Explore our sales script example to enhance your prospecting and boost sales. This template empowers you to make consistent and effective sales calls. 

Personalize this sales script to fit your requirements, share it with your sales teams, or even download it as a PDF for convenient access. 

1️⃣ Introduce the call

Hello, (name of contact), I am (your name), (job name) at (name of your company)

We've noticed that many people (emphasise on the main problem/need that your product solves)

So we've created to create a product/service that offers (briefly present the main benefits of your offer)

👉 Is this a problem you are facing yourself?

2️⃣ Qualify the prospect and identify their needs

The following questions will help you qualify the prospect and better identify their needs, enabling you to use the right sales pitch.

🙌 BANT Questions

3️⃣ Book the meeting and prepare for closing

When the prospect matches your target and shows a real interest, it is the perfect time to present some brief data/advantages of your product that corresponds to their needs. 

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I understand that your main problem is (specify the identified issue)

I believe that our product/service could be of great help to you. 
  • It will allow you to...
  • Thanks to it, you will be able to...
  • X% of our clients have noticed that...

To experience these benefits first-hand, we suggest (point out a benefit of your offer such as a free trial). You can then choose between (mention the different offers and prices) the option that best suits your needs.

👉 Would you be interested in this right now?