7 Reasons Why Using Lead Management Software in 2021 is Key to Your Team’s B2B Sales productivity.

Lead management software helps boost B2B sales productivity by simplifying the process of repetitive daily tasks, like tracking the progress of deals, creating new opportunities and reminding sales people of the next actions. Sales representatives are more efficient and organised as a result. Plus, sales managers enjoy more visibility of the pipeline, meaning they can supervise team performance with clarity.

Many decision makers believe that big CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics can do it all. In most scenarios, however, this isn’t the case. Indeed, you’ll likely find more cost-effective alternatives for your business, like lead management software. It’s created for a specifically for sales, and the sole objective is to improve sales and efficiency.

Want to know more? Here’s why small and medium-size sales teams should implement lead management software and boost their B2B sales productivity.

1. Manage leads intelligently

Lead management software helps segment cold and warm leads intelligently so that sales representatives can prioritize tasks, focus on warm leads and treat revisit cold leads later when the number of active prospects decrease.

2. Manage sales activities efficiently

The software sets regular reminders and pushes notifications when you have a follow-up or meeting with a prospect or a customer.

3. Track sales pipelines

Tracking leads in a sales pipeline is simple and intuitive as it provides an overall visual of ongoing deals. A pipeline view enables sales teams to work smarter towards winning deals while keeping a constant eye on the conversion rate within the pipeline.

4. Monitor sales teams performance effectively

Similar to a CRM solution, you have a clear dashboard view that measures and tracks all the KPIs of your sales representatives. Plus, you can see a visual overview of current business performance and a forecast of future results.

5. Increase sales reps productivity

Unlike an Excel sheet that you maintain to talk to your prospects, lead management software keeps track of your conversation history and contact those who are most likely to close.

6. Helps centralize data

All information about your contacts is stored in one place and is easily accessible by everyone in the sales team. You no longer risk missing important information to win a deal.

7. Prospect and win deals on the go

Some lead management tools, such as noCRM.io, offer a mobile app. This lets sales representatives fill and update data even when they do not have access to their company laptops, thus making them agile and efficient.

Boost B2B sales productivity with lead management software

Discover the potential of lead management software. It’s designed to make the lives of sales representatives easier by offering simple features that sales representatives really need and can use with minimum effort.

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