5 Key Features of the Best Sales Team Management Software

Software for sales team management

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The role of a salesperson shouldn’t be underestimated. From time to time, it does feel like they aren’t appreciated, however. Which doesn’t add up when you think about it. Salespeople are the heartbeat of companies, bridging the gap between customer needs and the product or service a company sells.

It’s fair to say the load on their plate is large. That’s why anything designed to make reps better and more efficient at their job is most welcome – especially when focusing on the team as a whole.

Effective software to support sales team management is often desired by managers across the globe. One of the key features of this software should be efficient team collaboration over prospect and lead management.

But when is that moment the lightbulb goes off and you realize you’ve struck gold and found great sales team management software for your team? Let’s look at the signs you’re using the best software to progress leads.

Have a Next Step

Salespeople should never have a reason for missing a lead. Unfortunately, too many software tools focus on the small details and shiny added features, rather than helping reps with what they need: Actionable steps.

Salespeople should never have a reason for missing a lead

The core function of any sales team management software should always aim to make their next step clear. From the moment a rep logs into the system, they need to see what is on the agenda. Are there calls they need to make? Do they have any meetings planned for the week?

Identifying the next action is arguably the most important part of keeping a consistent, well organized flow of leads.

Leads, Leads, Leads

Speaking of leads; they are a critical aspect of any salesperson’s job. Without leads, there are no customers to convert. Great software lets the sales team easily input leads, no matter where they find them. Whether through a business card, online or over the phone, reps need to get information from point a to point b with minimal fuss.

Has a Mobile App

There are no two ways about it: All good software needs a mobile app. A high percentage of sales teams aren’t rooted to their desk and often find themselves in the field. And field-based sales teams need a mobile app.

All good software needs a mobile app

Reps need to manage leads on the go. Sales professionals shouldn’t miss a potential game-changing prospect because they are away from their desk. Being able to start one task in the office and carry it on in the field – if needed – is essential.

Doesn’t Overcompensate on Data

Managers have a valid point when they say data has the power to improve customer understanding. Yet when it comes to entering a prospect’s details into a system of accord, the bigger picture takes precedence.

You need to be completely sure of the whole deal flow in sales team management software. Having all the information isn’t necessary. Instead, the focus should be on making the process as easy as possible for reps to enter details to get leads moving.

A rep should only punch in a few details – name, surname, contact email/no – to get a prospect uploaded into the system. There is no point in spending 10/15 minutes entering data for a someone that might not even convert — it’s simply wasted time.

Lead Management Software for Your Sales Team

Salespeople not only need easy access to their leads; clear visibility of the pipeline is also vital. Perhaps one department has staff for finding and qualifying prospects, with separate employees for closing deals and turning them into customers.

Everyone needs easy access to information

With more than one set of eyes on a lead, it’s imperative that everyone can easily access information and that it’s shared between multiple people. Sales managers also benefit from a pipeline that offers clear transparency. They measure metrics to see how their team is performing and step into a deal if necessary.

The team is the real focus behind sales — collaboration is key. The software needs to lend itself to easy team collaboration. The ability to assign leads, create teams within the department, provide key access for managers, give preferences to admins and create privacy options should all feature on top-level sales team software.

Empowering Sales Reps

The best sales team software is lead management software, which puts sales reps first and can help reduce staff turnover. It provides options without an overly complicated process — the focus is always on guiding leads through the pipeline. It makes a clear distinction of what it is and who it serves.

Lead management software helps raise revenues by providing reps with a action will give sales teams the best chance of success. Salespeople never need to miss a lead. As a result, business will grow and sales will prosper.