How Publicidad en Buscadores Increased Revenue By 30% as a Partner

“What stands out the most about being a Partner is how responsive the team is and that unlike any other CRM they really work locally with their customers by providing both content, resources, and support in Spanish. In less than 10 days we were already referring clients and growing them together with”

Salvador Gomez Morales, Founder.
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About Publicidad en Buscadores 

Founded by Salvador Gomez Morales in 2011, Publicidad en Buscadores is one of Latin America’s leading digital marketing agencies. They create unique digital strategies for clients to become their most relevant business partners.

As a Premier Google Certified Partner, Publicidad en Buscadores is recognized for their experience and the success of their campaigns which have helped SMBs all throughout Mexico.

When the company started, the aim was to help hundreds of businesses manage their internet advertising efficiently by generating the best possible return on investment. 

A year later Publicidad en Buscadores began working alongside Google to create the best campaigns for the SMB market. It is now recognized as one of only five Google Premier Partners in Mexico and now has regional offices in Guadalajara, Queretaro, and Cancún while maintaining its headquarters in Mexico City.

Today, Salvador and his team continue to seek new ways to improve the experience of SMBs in the digital world with the help of 

Could you describe the challenges you face with your customers when introducing a new tool?

Yes. Due to the nature of our business, we already have hundreds of clients who have the best possible cost per lead. We’re both Google & Facebook Premier Partners, but we were missing the part to complete the process of converting a prospect into a customer. We needed a lead management tool to help our customers better follow up with the leads we were sending and close them faster, and that’s where came into the picture.

The main challenge is that there are two types of clients: one that already has a CRM and the other that does not. When you already have a CRM like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or an internal CRM, you don’t see the need to have another CRM because it costs a lot of time and effort to implement, onboard, and make the team use it. This type of client is definitely the most difficult to convince. However, our argument is that their sales team doesn’t use their CRM anyway because it’s often too complex. What we suggested to several clients is that they use only for the leads generated from our digital marketing campaigns (Facebook Leads, Google Forms, and Mailchimp among others) and that their internal system maintains them for more administrative tasks.

For those who don’t have a CRM, the main challenge is to show them that this system is going to make their life easier. We had a case with a client who used to fill everything in pen and paper. He printed leads coming in from email inquiries and distributed them to the 15 sales reps on a daily basis. We’re talking hundreds of sheets for each one! So here, the main challenge was to implement, guide them through every step, and show them how to use it. The goal was to show them how easy and efficient it is. Fast forward to today, they love it! 

The owner of that company later told me a few days later, “Salvador you don’t know how has helped me. I had to go to the office every day to print our leads and today I can manage my sales team and see what’s happening in real-time all from home”. And literally, the life of this company changed because they were digitally transformed. 
The main barrier for us to overcome with those who don’t have a system already in place is to get them to test it, and then on our side, we need to ensure the new tool is ready for them to use. 

Why did you see as a solution to your challenges? 

We chose to sign up on partner program because we tried it ourselves as a company. The key differentiator was the local support and language as well as the webinars offered every week. It is very intuitive and easy to use, unlike the CRMs we have worked in the past. The onboarding was also key to making our decision since we quickly learned that whatever the question we had for the team, the answer was going to be immediate. That’s why we love!

Since we’re a digital marketing agency it is imperative for us to partner with a tool like that can be easily integrated with Facebook or Gmail. With a single mailbox, you can quickly enter leads into the system. It made it much easier for us because we already integrated it directly with our clients.

The most important thing for us as a partner is the partner onboarding and the customer success offers. In less than a week we were already working with as a certified partner. This was not the case with other partner programs we signed up for. 

In terms of promotion, we currently promote through digital marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook, and through a referral system set up with our current customers.

Could you talk to us about the results you’ve seen so far with this partnership?

When we first started with Partner Program we had a 35% conversion rate. For the accounts to which we provided premium onboarding services, we closed 100% of those leads. So our main focus right now is to provide more onboarding services and increase the conversion rate. generates 30% of the passive income in our revenue, but if we take into account the onboarding packages plus the additional consultancy services we offer, we could be talking about an increase of 400%. 

Now our main focuses are to improve our onboarding packages and to optimize our digital marketing campaigns promoting our partnership to continue increasing this number.