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6 Tips to Find the Best Lead Management Software

These 6 tips will help your company find the best lead management software and close deals at a faster rate.

Last update on April 14

When it comes to moving on from excel and modernizing your sales process, many businesses opt for lead management software over CRM. The main reason being its ability to focus solely on managing leads.

As the demand for lead management software increases, so does the choice. In what was initially a relatively small market there is now a plethora of options. That’s why choosing the best lead management software isn’t straightforward.

We have selected six tips to help you choose the best software for managing leads and moving deals through the pipeline with more clarity.

1) Simplicity

We have covered the pitfalls of tasking CRM with managing leads and how it acts as a deterrent to sales reps. Lead management software shouldn’t follow the same path. From inception to deal closing, the system has to be easy for salespeople to use.

Salespeople are still the key component to a successful sales department. The best lead management software acts more like the sidekick, always providing a clear, actionable next step and easy access to the pipeline.

2) Focus on Pipeline

The pipeline is the sales matrix—the map that displays a lead’s journey from qualified prospect to converted customer. Which is why your lead management software needs to put the pipeline at the center of attention. It’s emblematic to the whole sales team.

The pipeline is the sales matrix.

The next action is the fulcrum of a salesperson’s day. Without out one, staying on top of meetings, which calls should be made, and other related tasks is a tough ask. From the moment you log into lead management software, there needs to be a clear route mapped out in the pipeline with actionable goals.

3) Integration

The demand for specialized software with a primary focus is on the rise and is one of the reasons for the rise in popularity of lead management software. That doesn’t mean other tools don’t hold weight, however.

The best lead management software is SaaS; it plays well with others. Management and reps need to have the options to pick and choose the tools they use to compliment the service with easy plug and play solutions. Whether it’s accounting software, cloud-based phone systems or Google apps, connections should be seamless and simple.

4) Managing the Team

For a manager to lead a team, they need clear visibility over the entire sales setup. That means having access to stats, looking at the activity feed and being able to comment when necessary. Such management will lead to good team collaboration across the board.

The software should be easy for managers to control the process when needed. If a deal looks like it might be lost, they should have a system that allows them to step in and put things back on track if they are fixable.

A manager needs to have a positive oversight of the whole process.

Any tools should promote positive interactions between team members. But the manager needs to have a positive oversight of the whole experience. Lead management software should be designed around such a concept.

5) Have a Clear Separation Between Cold and Qualified Leads

Being able to make a clear distinction between prospecting lists and leads is essential to top-quality lead management software. Too often, companies are left with one long list that mixes qualified and unqualified prospects. It’s a big ask getting salespeople to sift through so many contacts.

If a sales team is clear about the leads they need to go after, results should generally be more positive. Have one section working on the unqualified leads and making cold calls, with the another for closing deals that are further along the line.

The best lead management software provides the option to have a prospecting list, one for unqualified leads, while also having a focus for solid leads that are further in the process.

6) Mobile Access

Lastly, but by no means least, is access. Being able to login to your lead management software at your desk is great. But what about if you’re in the field? Reps need a fluid motion of being able to see their leads at any time.

Reps need a fluid motion of being able to see their leads at any time.

A mobile apps provides the opportunity to capture prospect details while at networking events. It’s even better there are features like business card scanners to automate details. With a mobile app, reps have access to the pipeline in the pocket.

Finding the Best Lead Management Software

The best lead management software thinks about every aspect of a salesperson’s process. It’s an enabler that equipps reps with better ammunition to do their jobs. And it needs to do so with simplicity.

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