How to Guarantee a Smooth Transition to a New Lead Management Software

Over the years, we’ve had the change to speak to hundreds of salespeople and sales managers. Thanks to this, we’ve come to realize the existence of two big pains in the sales sector: either sales managers are tired of running after their sales reps to make sure they fill-out the complex CRM system in place, either they haven’t yet implemented a sales tool and have out-grown the usage of spreadsheets.

In both cases, there is a need to implement a (new) tool thought for sales reps, one they will like to use on a daily basis; but we know that’s not an easy decision to make. In fact, many people we have spoken to have expressed the need for easy set-up and onboarding.

So how to guarantee a smooth transition from Excel or an existing CRM to a new lead management software?

Find a user-friendly tool your sales reps will be happy to use.

Finding the right tool that fits your needs, and that you believe your sales team will adhere to can take some time.
And once you find the right fit, you will wonder how this transition will go: will you be able to import the data you already have? How long will this take? Does it have to involve a tech team?

The truth is, it will depend on the software you choose. But if you opt for a user-friendly lead management software, you can be assured the transition will be smooth.

At noCRM for example, you won’t be needing to involve techs in order to import your data. It’s done in 2 simple steps:

1. Easy Client Import to create Client Folders

Importing existing customers doesn’t have to be painful. With the Client Import feature available at noCRM, you can do it in minutes.

All you need to do is rearrange the CSV file you have to match the required columns and proceed to import all your existing clients.

The big plus: you can define to which sales rep each Client Folder will be assigned at the import, so that nothing needs to be changed after the import is done.

Easily Import your Existing Clients to your Lead Management Software

2. Easy Lead Import to create leads in a fully customized visual pipeline

No need to start from scratch when creating a noCRM account. Thanks to its Lead Import feature, you will be able to import all the leads your sales reps are managing into your fully customizable visual pipeline.

Open the file(s) you wish to import and rearrange it to match the required columns. Save it, and import it. As simple as that.

In a matter of seconds, all your leads will be placed in the visual pipeline you have set up in your account. The leads will be automatically assigned to the correct salesperson, can include reminders for the next action and will be placed in the right step of your pipeline according to what you have defined in the document to import.

Easily Import your Leads to a Fully Customizable Visual Pipeline

That’s pretty much all you need to do to get started on the right foot with

Independently of the situation in which you are in today, make sure to pick a software that doesn’t require a consulting team to help you get started. Complex systems to set up are complex systems to use.

Opt for a tool you know your sales team will be happy to use, one that helps them get their job done, and you can be assured the transition will be smooth!