Empower Salespeople with noCRM’s Brand New Prospect Browser

Cold calling is not salespeople’s favorite activity, but it can be essential in your company. Having to use an Excel spreadsheet to do it can turn this task even more difficult. In fact, spreadsheets aren’t exactly user-friendly and they weren’t invented for the purpose of sales prospecting in the first place.

It’s high time to empower salespeople with the right tools. Stop using Excel. Choose a friendly sales prospecting tool instead.

noCRM’s Prospect Browser

With noCRM’s brand new Prospect Browser feature, cold calling activities have just become a lot easier and much more organized.
Instead of having to go through your prospects row by row in your spreadsheet, you can choose to view your prospects in a pop-up form. You can easily add and edit prospect information, enter comments and logged activities for future reference, and process the entire list with a much more organized view that doesn’t put a strain on your eyes. Sales prospecting with noCRM has just become easier, better, and faster.

empower salespeople

Thanks to all of noCRM’s powerful sales Prospecting List features such as click-to-call, click-to-email, and the new prospect browser, salespeople can easily manage their cold calling activities, qualify prospects at a higher rate and transform them into leads in a single click.

For more information on how it works, read our Help Center article on this subject.

Wait no more. Start boosting your outbound sales activities now.
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