Quickly find your sales route with Google Maps and noCRM

Google maps for sales reps

Google Maps has emerged as a game-changer for sales representatives. It allows them to quickly locate their leads and calculate the travel distance to their prospective customers. For field reps who need to go door-to-door for their prospecting and sales process, this tool can be invaluable. However, the task of manually typing or copying/pasting each lead’s address from your CRM to Google Maps can be tedious and time-consuming. Thankfully, with noCRM you can now find your leads on Google Maps in just a click.

Google Maps advantages for sales

Google Maps is more than a tool to find any address globally; it’s a strategic ally for sales reps in the field.

  • Quick distance calculation: It’s useful for sales reps to calculate the distance to their leads when planning face-to-face meetings or field prospecting.
  • Planning field prospecting: When undertaking field prospecting, Google Maps serves a dual purpose. First, if the business is registered on Google Maps, sales reps can ascertain its operational hours, ensuring they don’t waste time visiting closed establishments. Second, it aids in route planning: identifying leads within the same area and closer to you prevents unnecessary travel and optimizes time management.

Quickly find your leads with noCRM and Google Maps

noCRM’s custom lead action feature empowers salespeople to view their lead’s location and the distance they need to cover, all with a single click.

By enabling the noCRM’s pre-set templates for Google Maps, the process becomes incredibly straightforward. All you need to do is navigate to the lead you want to visit and select the appropriate lead action from the action menu. A Google Maps page will automatically open, displaying the distance between you and the lead’s address that you’ve previously entered in the lead management software.

Finding sales itinerary with Google Maps and noCRM

In conclusion, integrating Google Maps into your sales strategy can significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity. For sales reps on the field, it can be a time-saving tool that aids in planning and prospecting. By leveraging the power of noCRM’s custom lead actions with Google Maps, you can simplify the process of reaching your leads and focus more on closing deals. Harness the potential of this powerful combination today to streamline your sales process.