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Customized lead actions

This article answers the following questions:

  • How to set up Google Search
  • How to set up LinkedIn Search
  • How to set up WhatsApp

⚠️This feature is only available on the Expert & Dream Team Editions.

Lead Actions is where you can add new custom actions to your lead's Actions menu. They're not only useful to feed your information system, but to also integrate your noCRM account with external apps such as WhatsApp, an IP phone, a software that sends SMS, and a lot more! Therefore, they help your sales team become more efficient by streamlining your sales process.

To add a personalized link to the "actions" menu of a lead, go to Admin panel > Integrations > Built-in Tools > Lead Actions Menu, and create an action that will point to a program you host. You can define several personalized actions. When clicking on "actions", it will open a new window with the target address.

Note that you can use Lead's variables (first name, phone number) to trigger specific actions, such as a call or a message.

Here are 3 examples of simple actions that can be added:

1/ Google search:

Create a new action and name it Google search.

Enter the URL:${lead_title}

2/LinkedIn search:

(Assuming that you have firstname and lastname fields)

Create a new action and name it LinkedIn search. Enter the URL:${leadffirstname}%20${leadflastname}

3/ Fire off Whatsapp messages:

How to set up WhatsApp

More and more companies talk to potential customers on WhatsApp and need to be able to easily send them a message from their lead management software. With the Customized Lead Actions of noCRM, you'll be able to launch WhatsApp Web in a click to fire off a message to a potential customer.

This only works from LEADS, not from prospects.

Setting it up is quite easy, simply follow these steps:

  • 1/ Go to your Admin Panel
  • 2/ Choose Integrations > Built-in tools > 'Lead Actions Menu'
  • 3/ Create a new Action
  • 4/ Enter the name "Launch WhatsApp" for example
  • 5/ Enter the following URL:${lead_f_Phone} ⚠️ Replace Phone by your own phone default field.
  • 6/ Save
  • 7/ Enable the action you just created

⚠️ Please make sure that all phone numbers include the country code (without space). For example 44 or 0044 for Great Britain.

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