Improve Sales Calls with noCRM’s QR Code Scan-to-Call

The sales tool’s aim is to improve salespeople’s prospecting and sales process. To help you be more efficient at your job, our team shares the best practices on different noCRM features. Today, we’ll talk about the QR code scan-to-call and how it can improve sales calls!

Why should you use the QR code scan-to-call to improve sales calls?

Sales reps are known to spend a lot of time on the phone. Well, that’s simply because calling is an essential part of their job. Not only to qualify leads but also to follow up on identified business opportunities.

Did you know that dialing a phone number can take up to 20 seconds and that the risk of mistyping it can bounce up to 50%? As you can imagine, this can be problematic. How many times have you called the wrong number, left a voice message, and considered your job was done? 

With noCRM’s QR code scan-to-call feature, you’ll be able to place your calls in only 3,5 seconds instead of 20. Meaning you’ll save a lot of precious sales time!

You can say goodbye to dialing the wrong phone number.


How does it work?

This feature is automatically activated in all noCRM accounts. To use it, make sure you have a phone number in front of the ‘phone’ field you have defined as a default field.

Once you open a lead or a prospect in the prospecting list, mouse over the telephone button, and a QR code will appear. If several phone numbers are entered in the prospect or the lead, mouse over one of the phone numbers displayed under the click-to-call button, and a QR code will appear.

Open your phone’s camera, point it to the QR code, and there it is: the QR code is scanned and your phone suggests dialing the number! 

Here is a quick video to show you how it works:

Enjoy making faster phone calls, and see you next month to discover another powerful feature. 😃