QR Code Scan-to-Call: noCRM’s Powerful Feature to Simplify Sales Calls

Sales reps spend a lot of time dialling phone numbers. Well, that’s simply because calling is an essential part of their job: not only to qualify leads, but also to follow-up on identified business opportunities. As a matter of fact, having an organized cold calling process can have your sales increasing their closed deals rates.

Did you know that dialling a phone number can take up to 20 seconds and that the risk of mistyping it can bounce up to 50%? As you can imagine, this can be problematic. In fact, how many times have you called the wrong number, left a voice message and considered your job was done? I’m sure it happened quite a few times… not quite productive or professional.

Why does this happen? Mainly because of the way phone numbers are formatted.

For example, if one of your prospect’s phone number is +15559991588, it’s going to take you forever (about 20 seconds) to decipher the number and dial it correctly.

We took the time at noCRM.io to analyse this issue carefully and found a great solution to solve it: the QR Code Scan-to-Call feature!

What’s noCRM’s QR Code Scan-to-Call feature?

noCRM’s QR Code Scan-to-Call feature is exactly what it sounds like: a QR code of phone numbers that you can scan using your cell phone to make phone calls.

Thanks to this feature, there will be no more dialing the wrong phone number, no more glueing your eyes to your computer screen to make sure you’re reading the numbers correctly.

But there’s more. With the QR Code Scan-to-Call feature, you’ll be able to place your calls in only 3 seconds instead of 20, which means you’ll save a lot of precious sales time! And if you get tired of switching from an app to another to make your calls, discover our Click-to-Call feature.

Want to see how it works? Check out the video below:

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For more information on how to use this feature, click here to check our Help Center entry.

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