The New Sales Digest Report: Boost Your Sales Performance

Intro: We’ve redesigned our e-mail sales digest to bring customers the latest info regarding their leads in a quick snapshot so you can boost your sales performance.

Since the very beginning of You Don’t Need a CRM!’s existence we send a daily business digest to every user and Admin. The business digest lacked key information. It needed a serious upgrade in terms of content and design.

We are very excited to tell you that we have re-thought and re-designed the entire e-mail digest and have created a brand new one only for Admins. They are beautiful and their content very clear.

Boost your sales performance

Salespeople need to know exactly what leads they need to handle and where they are at. The former digest wasn’t good enough on the second part. Thus, it now contains complete information on status updates but also on the evolution of leads and an overview of each salesperson’s pipeline.

Managers need to keep track of their sales reps’ activities. They need to know what they are working on, how many new leads were entered in the system, etc… Thus, we created an e-mail digest just for Admins with information on the sales reps’ activities, what leads were updated, with the company’s pipeline, and more.

In both cases, it’s possible to choose the frequency of the e-mail (daily or weekly).

Of course both digests are completely mobile compliant so sales reps can start off their day while having breakfast or whenever & wherever they prefer!

The You Don’t Need a CRM team!

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