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Use noCRM.io's sales script to easily qualify leads by asking the right questions and getting the information you need.

Create your free sales script
Create a cold call sales script

Why and how to use the sales script generator

When you have 100 leads to call each day with targets to achieve, there is a lot of pressure to ace your cold calling. You need an easy-to-use sales script to help ensure that you don't forget any information and that each call is structured coherently.

At noCRM.io, our sales team designed their own sales script. It took the form of a list of questions to ask each lead with check boxes for the answers to avoid wasting time. At then end in one click all the data could be sent directly to a lead management or sales software.

They found it so useful, we decided to make into a feature to share with all sales teams with the aim of making cold calling just that little bit less painful.


Never forget important questions to ask leads

Create a complete list of relevant questions for your team to ask during each cold call.

Check boxes to easily collect the answers

Ensure a coherent and structured approach to lead qualification for your whole sales team.


Send data directly to your sales software in one click

No more spending hours transferring data into your lead management software or CRM.

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Create your free sales script

It's very easy to get started on your free sales script. No sign-up or subscription required.

Choose to either start with a blank template or select one of our sample scripts for different industries including real estate, digital agencies, insurance, travel agencies and more.

When you select your industry from the dropdown we will pre-fill the sales script with some ideas for questions which you can then adapt according to your needs.

Create your sales script and save your sales team time on their cold calling

Create your free sales script

noCRM.io's free sales script
integrates with the sale software or CRM that you use already.

Adopting the sales script over the last two months has been highly beneficial for our teams. It has provided our consultants with structured guidelines for their calls, leading to smoother and consistent exchanges. It has also increased their confidence by providing key points to address, improving their efficiency and reducing the risk of forgetting essential information.The tool is user-friendly and adaptable, and has helped ensure consistent messages are conveyed. We’re very satisfied.

Ymene Djemai, Outbound Prospecting Manager

One single cold call script for your whole sales team

Create your free sales script

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