Build Your Sales Dream Team with & Slam Dunk Revenue Targets

The team at is extremely happy to announce the launch of our Dream Team edition. This brand new plan promises to take your business’s sales performance to the next level, helping you communicate efficiently with prospects with newly added features to improve team efficiency, closing rates, and grow revenue! And much more, while you can still sip your cup of coffee and manage teams on cruise control.

Ever since was founded in 2014, we’ve been working to design the best possible software for salespeople – one that actually meets their needs. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly why our comprehensive new edition is going to help you and how it is designed to help your business build its ultimate sales Dream Team.

But firstly, what does a Sales Dream Team look like?

Your Dream Team is not just any sales team. As a Dream Team, you can now collaborate effectively even remotely (especially during COVID times), communicate efficiently with leads without missing out on any leads in the sales pipeline, always know who is working on which lead and keep track of your sales performance in real-time. This has always been our objective, to provide a no-nonsense noCRM approach with minimal data entry for salespeople – and close more deals.

We’ll explain our new features in detail below, but before that let’s understand why we decided to create this new Dream Team edition. Sunny Paris, our CEO, explains, “With the increase in remote working due to the pandemic, we’ve had more requests than ever from larger sales teams to use our software, They love our simple approach but there were a few key features missing that would enable them to really scale lead communication and manage their teams more effectively. That’s why we created the Dream Team edition which enables us to support these sales teams in achieving their goals.”

What’s so cool about’s Dream Team Edition?

In addition to the features available in Starter Kit edition and Sales Expert edition, the Dream Team plan offers advanced email integration, access to detailed performance reporting, priority VIP support, and team management features. Sounds complex? Don’t worry, the tool still retains its signature ease of use and “anti-CRM” approach, enabling the sales team to remain 100% focussed on closing opportunities and having a ball selling!

We are always listening keenly to our customer needs and believe salespeople shouldn’t have any unnecessary pain points. How do we relieve these pain points? Let’s find out.

The Dream Edition features explained:

If you are a sales manager or a sales representative reading this, you will understand how valuable these features are to keep your sales process running smoothly! We’re sure these simple but powerful features will put a smile on your face.

  • Full email integration: noCRM’s Dream Team edition helps salespeople not waste time by switching between platforms, instead you can now send and receive emails within your account regardless of what email provider you use. Well, that’s a plus!
  • Personal & shared email templates: The Dream Team edition helps save time if you need to reach out to many prospects. A sales rep could either build their own template if they wish to or use a standard template defined by the sales manager will keep the pitch consistent and to the point. We both agree, that’s another time saver!
  • Email performance statistics: get notified instantly when an email of yours is opened or clicked. This will help you to analyze which template has worked best in terms of engagement with prospects as well as have a better understanding of which prospects are really interested in what you are offering.
  • Team management features: noCRM’s Dream Team edition allows you as a Sales Director to stay abreast of what your team is doing. You can create teams, control visibility settings according to seniority, assign leads, and access performance reports by sales reps, region, etc. This enables you to have a holistic overview of their team’s activity and results at any time.
  • Sales Script Generator: Sales Directors can create scripts for sales reps to use on their calls with prospects that are shared within the team. Calls now have a structure, so that no important information is missed and all the data is saved in your account.
  • Priority VIP support: is designed to be extremely easy-to-use but in order to get larger sales teams to function as efficiently as possible the Dream Team edition gives you the privilege of getting priority VIP support at all times and also a free onboarding webinar to get your Dream Team up and dunking! As a Dream Team customer, our customer success team will always give your questions at most priority, and address them promptly.

We’re not done yet, this is just the icing on the cake! To know more, create your noCRM Dream Team account now to access all the amazing features. Discover the Dream Team Edition pricing here. Put your best sales foot forward and beat your competition today with!