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Statistics & Reporting

This section of the Help Center will show you how to analyze your sales performance using the statistics in your noCRM account.

In order to get accurate and insightful data, make sure you create Categories & Tags in your Admin Panel. More information found in our Academy.

In the Statistics section of your account, you have access to different reports:

  • Company performance
  • Team performance
  • Team's activity
  • Sales goals (Dream Team edition only)
  • Active leads
  • Pipeline performance
  • Lead performance
  • Analysis per prospecting list
  • Forecast
  • Email Templates Performance (Solopreneur & Dream Team editions only)

In every report, you'll be able to apply filters such as categories, tags, teams, users, and periods of time. For periods of time, you can either choose manually from the calendar or use the magic wand icon to rapidly access specific time periods such as "last week", "last month", "this year", etc.

⚠️ To avoid applying the same filters over and over again, remember to create shortcuts.

For admins:

All the admins of an account have access to the entire statistics of their account, making it possible to know how each user is working and performing.

For team managers:

Once the team is created and the team members added, the team manager or leader — depending on the privacy settings applied to your noCRM account — can access other team members' statistics and leads.

For non-admin users:

Non-admin users have access to their own statistics, enabling them to know how they are doing, how many leads they have won, how many they have lost and if their goals are being met, etc...

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