Pre-filled SMS for sales: save time and boost conversions

Create pre-filled SMS templates for sales

In an age where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, SMS sales present a unique opportunity for businesses. As a salesperson, utilizing SMS ensures that your message is seen and directly reaches its target. When you have a list of leads who’ve permitted contact through marketing campaigns, having different pre-filled SMS templates for various situations can be a game-changer. From follow-ups to product updates, these templates can save valuable time for salespeople to focus on other tasks.

Why should you use SMS to boost your sales?

The advantages of SMS in a sales context are many. They can give immediate visibility: with most people having their phones nearby, your message is likely to be seen almost instantly, increasing your chances of rapid engagement. They are also a less intrusive approach: an SMS can seem less intrusive than a phone call. Finally, they allow time flexibility: Unlike calls, SMS allows leads to check and answer texts at their convenience, leading to higher response rates.

On which occasions should you send SMS to leads?

SMS can be used to boost conversions in several scenarios:

  • Promoting your product: Share a promotion of your product as a follow-up, giving leads a great opportunity to try it.
  • Upselling to existing customers: Follow up on existing customers with promotions for your higher-cost subscriptions or other products.
  • Sending reminders: Whether it’s an upcoming demo or the ending of a promotion, SMS reminders can drive engagement.
  • Product updates: Send SMS to leads promoting a new feature that could be beneficial for them, encouraging them to try or buy your product.

Follow-up SMS templates for sales

It’s essential to have templates prepared for each of the scenarios you have planned on your sales startegy. Here are some examples:

  • Hi [Name], we have an exciting promotion on our [product]. Don’t miss this chance to experience the benefits firsthand.
  • Hello [Name], as a valued customer, we’re offering a special promotion on our [upsell product]. We thought you might be interested.
  • Dear [Name], don’t forget our demo scheduled for [date/time]. Looking forward to seeing you there.
  • Hello [Name], we’ve launched a new feature for our [product] that we believe could benefit you greatly. Give it a try today!

Setting up your SMS pre-filled templates with noCRM

To streamline your SMS sales strategy, noCRM allows you to manage your SMS templates directly from your lead management software. Thanks to the custom lead actions feature, you can now create SMS templates and customize them with lead-specific fields, such as their name or the product they are interested in.

You can create the needed custom lead action by starting from scratch or by using our ready-to-use template. Once set, you can open an SMS discussion with a pre-filled message to the lead from noCRM in just a few clicks, facilitating efficient and personalized communication.

Pre-filled SMS on noCRM

In conclusion, the value of SMS in sales is immense. With careful planning, strategic timing, and effective messaging, it can significantly boost your conversions and customer retention. Using a platform like the lead management software noCRM to create SMS pre-filled templates can enhance your efficiency and enable a seamless sales process.