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An international team working together to bring you the best lead management software

  • Sunny

    Sunny is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of You Don’t Need a CRM! He now lives between London and Paris and brings some French sun to rainy London. Sunny holds a PhD in theoretical physics which does not help a lot actually but certainly shows how smart he is.

  • Güven

    Güven is our design Guru. is so fresh because of him! For Güven, each detail has its importance, he is Pixel Perfect! Güven's obsession is with simplicity, coherence, and usability. Shortest path to information is his moto. Güven lives near Fontainebleau.

  • Mariana

    Mariana is the smile of You Don’t Need a CRM! She’s a people enthusiast and wants everybody to know about our great product. She has 8 years of experience in the IT industry. She has lived in Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Spain and, as the web itself, she is now based World Wide! She’s in charge of our customers success and our Latam expansion.

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie is our CTO. Thanks to her, is so damn fast and stable! She leads our team of developers in an agile way. She comes from Java and is now afervent Ruby on Rails lover and a test-driven development maniac. She brings with her more than 15 years of experience in software development. Stef lives in the West Coast.

  • Thomas

    Thomas is a full stack Rails developer. His mission is to make a better tool day in, day out. He loves innovation and seeing how it helps people in their everyday life. When he’s not working, you can catch him outside on a run.

  • Damien

    Damien is our front-end developer. We can always count on him to use his javascript magic to create tremendous features. When he’s not working on our UX/UI performance, he is maintaining his Gold 5 level on League of Legend.

  • Rana

    Rana is in charge of partnerships at You Don’t Need a CRM. She is at the image of our company, born in Damascus, studied in Taipei and is now living in Paris. She enjoys life and likes to laugh but don’t get her wrong she wants things to be done right and on time.

  • Yanina

    Yanina is our challenge-seeking problem solver who thrives on getting things done. Based in Buenos Aires, Yanina uses her customer-centric mindset to expand and empower our customers in LATAM. When she's not helping our customers, you can find her baking delicious treats or reading adventure novels.

  • Inès

    Inès is our Country Manager for Italy. Coming from Grenoble, she only had to cross the Alps to settle in Milan. Not to live “La Dolce Vita”, but to bring to our trans-Alpine neighbours! When she's not working, Inès enjoys horseback riding and skiing.

  • Vladyslav

    Vladyslav, our Country Manager for France, grew up on the French Atlantic coast while preserving part of his Slavic culture. After obtaining his Master’s degree in International Business and several experiences around the world, he returned to Quimper to enjoy the calm and beautiful landscapes of Brittany. When Vladyslav has free time, he devotes it to sport and travel.

  • Grégoire

    A Germanophile since childhood, Grégoire is our Country Manager for Germany. After gaining a Master's degree in Communications in Brussels and 2 years of E-commerce experience in Barcelona, Grégoire moves to Berlin to manage the market where “Life is (NOT) too short to learn German”. Aside from his passion for everything and anything German, when the weather is good, Greg likes to take photos of buildings and structures around him.

  • Gabriel

    Gabriel is a fullstack developer. A Ruby On Rails lover since 2011. He lives 1100m above sea level: perfect for gaining height while keeping your feet on the ground. Wether it’s implementing a powerful feature or dropping a beat, Gabriel likes to create and arrange different bricks to see them harmonize and create a masterpiece!

  • François

    François is our System Administrator. He's the one whispering at the ears of our servers. Let's just say that sometimes whispers can get a little louder... Anyway he is the one with the system reliability touch with more than 15 years of experience in the field, and likes nothing more than the quiet humming of a well-driven production system.

  • Romain

    Romain is our User Interface developer. He's in charge of designing and building nice interfaces that fit your needs and also provide a pleasant user experience. He lives in the South of France to stay close to the sea and dive whenever he can.

  • Andrea

    Andrea is our Key Account Manager for LATAM, she is based in Colombia. She has solid commercial experience in tech companies and joined noCRM to continue to grow the company in Latin America. When she's not working, you'll probably find her learning to play the guitar or learning a new language.

  • Sylvain


    Sylvain is a long-experienced Ruby On Rails developer. He is based in East of France, he prefers the cold climate. When he's not working, he likes gardening, playing football, and taking pictures.

  • Ben


    Ben is our marketing lead for LATAM, he is Dutch and has been living as a digital nomad for the last 6 years. He currently lives in Brazil and outside of work he enjoys surfing and a cold beer. He is an ex co-founder of a start-up and nothing excites him more than the tech world and coming up with new ways to market our product.

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