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Kreilkamp Trucking Inc.

Knocked it out of the park

At first, we figured ok it's not that costly so it must suck, we had tried several systems that didn't even come close to matching our needs. with simple things like on lead profile maps, web to lead taskbar and easy dropdown funnel flow. our leads are cycled through or put in a holding pattern at our leisure. even team assignment is easy and natural. noCRM is truly not a CRM but we didn't need that we needed a way to deal with leads. Once they are a Client our service is one on one so no more need for a CRM profile. noCRM is a fast and easy way to manage and profile leads, plain and simple.

Jerry Beasterfeld, Co-Founder

Kreilkamp Trucking Inc.

Coffee News KC Metro

20 CRM trials before

I tried about 20 different trials of CRMs before I Googled "CRM alternatives" out of frustration and came across I love it! It's easy to use and has really helped me organize my contacts and business!

Debbie Jackson, Franchise Owner

Coffee News KC Metro

Founder’s Choice

Fantastic Service!

Fantastic service! I've had a couple questions on program capacity what we can do what we can't etc. I've gotten a response in within 4 business hours each time! I run a sales team with 8 sales people and 3 different sales pipelines. The built in follow up set up is great! This is an easy to use simple system that keeps your 'to-do's top priority. Built in reporting is pretty good, if you need more, just go to all leads and click export, you can pivot that CSV file to tell you just about anything that you need.

Brandon Sizemore, New Project Development Manager

Founder’s Choice


Simple and very useful

We started our company without any commercial staff (we are in R&D services), and I was looking for simple and affordable solution to follow up prospects and lead: noCRM fits the bill very well, even people without any commercial/sale background (such as myself) can understand it and use it efficiently.

Julien Maruotti, Chief Scientific Officer


John Taylor Corporate

One word: Intuitive

noCRM gets the job done without the complexities of a traditional CRM!

Cedric Zaidan, Business Development Manager

John Taylor Corporate

MS Paschalis

It's true you don't need a CRM

Easy, fast, user friendly, this program has everything I was looking for. Keep all my leads on track, and helped me made a personal sales record month!

Spiros Paschalis, Owner

MS Paschalis

Blueprint Tax

A great choice for a sales team

I have worked with multiple CRM platforms in the past, and I have researched even more that I haven't used. When I found noCRM, I felt like the software might be too good to be true. Six months later, I have yet to be disappointed. The platform is easy to use and cuts out a lot of frustration that are inherent with some of the "clunkier" platforms out there. Further, I really enjoy that all of the data is neatly tracked if you take advantage of the features correctly. Finally, the pricing is very reasonable, and that's always a plus. I would recommend noCRM to anyone looking for a solid sales-based CRM.

John Eggers, VP of Sales & Marketing

Blueprint Tax

The British Bottle Company

We have been using NoCRM for 4 years

We have been using NoCRM for four years for our international drinks distribution business. We tried a number of the mainstream CRM brands before and found the cost and complexity prohibitive. NoCRM delivers the perfect combination of power and lightweight flexibility and the support is excellent with personal replies to enquiries usually within minutes. We have built a business thanks to NoCRM and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Red Johnson, Founder

The British Bottle Company

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A very intuitive CRM.

The most I like about noCRM is that it allows you to follow the different processes for each lead you manage. It's very easy to set up tags, pipelines, teams and tasks.

Luis Vargas, Asesor comercial

Metric Arts


In sales we often use this as an every day tool to track our leads and follow ups. It''s a good basic tool. Very user-friendly, updated often and the service is good.

Mark Davidson, Representative

EPM Mecanic

Covers all the normal steps of sales and post-sales process. Does its job. PERIOD

I was able to use it easily. It reminds me of all the steps of the sales process. I used it extensively with API access and it works great with Zapier. Well equipped to make calls. Service fast and efficient.

Joshua Scult, Founder

Torah Coach


I LOVE this CRM! I have a very simple business/service model so I didn't need a lot of bells and whistles but I still wanted a seamless accurate database management system that could hold me accountable for follow-ups and allow me the leisure of organizing my contacts systematically and customizable to my business. I've been with this CRM for over a year now and I LOVE IT!

Michelle King, Founder / CEO

Positive Presence LLC

It is a great app! The right mix of essential tools to keep the lead nurturing process running

- Nice overview (not a confusing dashboard) - Super price-performance relation - Capturing of data from any website via LeadClipper - All information in one package - Less is more!

Armin Wagner, CEO / Business Owner - Agency for Medical Professionals

Easy and useful sales process system

Simple and understandable system. Everything you need is at your fingertips, easily search leads and manage any changes in the process.

Mykola Perun, Sales Manger

ArtBrains Software

CRM fast and efficient

It's not my first CRM that I setup, even if this software is not supposed to be a CRM, it's an incredible help for the sales and to follow all the leads.

Patrick Perez, CEO


Quickly you can access info from laptop or phone

Easy to use. Best part is how quickly you can access info from laptop or phone. Especially like the copy lead or add a lead feature when you send emails and tags for different sorting needs. Access leads on computer or phone, tags for sorting. Can copy emails to client record or add to a new lead.

Jim Markham, Mortgage Loan Officer

Progressive Loan Funding

The complete CRM

We used excel before moving to noCRM. It was hard to organize our "to do" lists and to even follow up on leads. Now we have an efficient tool that gives us an overview of our sales and the new leads. We can measure future sales by using the sales forecasting report and prepare for the workload. This CRM is complete in every way for prospecting new leads to following up on customers. We have an organized chart for our "to-do" list and reminders for our follow ups.

Flammarion Albuquerque, Sales manager

Flylink Telecom

Good product

Ease to use, setup is very easy and very good. I will well have to test the collaboration on site with other users.

Sellami Youssef

Finatech Group

Exactly what I needed!

The software is simple, very intuitive and easy to use. It's really easy to customize, and the idea of having a spreadsheet for the prospects that can be converted to leads and added to the sales funnel after this conversion is very good, because I now, finally, can manage the prospection and the sales processes in a simple and effective way. It also separates prospects from lead in an effective manner

Vagner Isidorio, Senior Consultant

VNI Consultoria

Easy to use

I've used many CRMs. This has great functionality because I can use my phone to capture contacts which dumps automatically into my leads.

Shelley Gulley, Account Executive

Sentext Solutions

It really works

Previously I used many products but they were neither resonating with nature of work nor were they practical. The product design is awesome and very intuitive. User friendly and very intuitive with good customer support.

Harsh Chauhan, CEO

Robo Shaastra

A great tool for a pipeline view

I could simply import my contacts from Excel, group by customers, and see the advancement of each case.

Cedric Teyton, CEO


Visual, clear and cuts the rubbish!

We have trialled this for a month and have been very impressed by the ease of use, the customer service and mostly how visual it makes the lead process. The visual aspects and the clear definition between a prospect and a lead - so important and creates motivation and drive.

Kim Johnson, Director

Wellness London

Our new prospecting software

We tried noCRM and we definitely liked it : the overall software is easy to use, extremely intuitive and enables you to get results.

Guillaume Cougard, Vice-Treasurer

ESSEC Solutions Enterprises

Great tool, simple and powerful

It's so easy to use: no need to fill in any database. Just add your given email address in bcc so that you create a lead when you email a contact, or even scan a card with the mobile app. Reminders are fully integrated in google calendar so you can drive your prospection with the tool and track any contact! That's a tool I use and enjoy everyday.

Frederic Le Compagnon, Head of Agency

Opus MI

I like the ease of use, simplicity and features of the software

This solution equilibrates simplicity and functionalities.

Ernani Gottardo, Professor


Best CRM!!

I am writing this review since I have plenty of experience using the other CRMs. Finally I have found something I can customize to what I truly need. The cost for the CRM is perfect since we are a growing company. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a CRM to use for their company.

David Medina, CEO

Advanced Strategic Marketing

Excellent is a very useful software, it's very easy to use. I found it very interesting. Helps me to keep my database very clear.

Kamlesh Lohani, Customer Happiness Executive


Awesome Product

Simple to use, everything in one place! Great help for small organisations who don't have the tech team to create leads. Sales team can easily manage everything from here.

Manish Kumar, Team Lead


This was the best choice I made!

This is one of the best CRMs we have used. The pros are that it has a solution for everything you might have trouble with when it comes to tracking a lead's journey.

Mehul Jindal, Customer Service Manager


Easy, functional and focused on the important things

We'd been trying several CRM software and we finally decided to implement noCRM because it allows our sales team work 100% focused on their opportunities and not lose time and efforts filling long forms. At the same time, it was really easy to integrate with our email platform and we now have all the information always synchronized.

Jordi Julia, Marketing Manager

Cycling in Costa Brava

Really good tool!

I found noCRM very convenient. It takes a little time to learn how it works, but afterwards you'll find an essential tool for you daily sales operations. Not expensive for all their features. I recommend it!

Rodolphe Mondou, Salesmen


CRM Software is outstanding

I first thought this would be a pain to maintain the leads and sales, but then realized how easy it was to simply BCC in the email to funnel the lead through noCRM

Ryan Stensrud, Leasing Agent


Perfect easy to use system

I love this noCRM! Perfect and easy-to-use system, great support 10+. All the elements are there to make the best out of your business.

Michel Smits, Owner

Italian Bicycles WW ship

noCRM helped us improve the productivity and motivation of our Sales Team

Easy to learn and easy to use! Support is prompt, friendly and efficient. We trialled the app for 30 days and have been sufficiently impressed to continue on a paid basis. The app required us to rethink several of our sales processes and we now operate much more efficiently. The entire sales pipeline is now highly visible to all and we are excited that we can now see the progress in moving the Leads from Suspect to Prospect culminating in Won, Lost or Cancelled. We adapted the app to track the product delivery process beyond the winning of the deal to installation and final payment.

Penny Allen, Sales Consultant

PJ A Outsourced Sales Services

Great App for Organising and Managing the Sales Pipeline

In tandem with trialling the noCRM! app for our client, we redesigned and refined their internal sales processes and significantly improved their productivity. Before noCRM, preparing the monthly sales activity report was a tedious process to prepare. The client now obtains daily, weekly and monthly stats and 'line of sight' for all the steps in their sales pipeline. Customer service was great!

Bruce Rodrigues, Owner

BRP Project Management

Simple and straight to the point CRM

We've been looking for a CRM for months. All pieces of software we've evaluated were fully loaded with features we don't need and it's complicated to train the team. noCRM however is simple and straight to the point. It took a one-hour meeting to train the whole team and they already started using it.

Sathish M, Consultant


Great and cheap app

I have a small retail business so I needed a system to manage my leads without running out on budget. I tested the free service and I loved it. Now I have been using it for more than 1 year and I find it very helpful. Plus the noCRM team provides ongoing support and training. I highly recommend this system if you have small to medium sales teams and don't want to spend weeks on the set up.

Uzziel Sanchez, Director


Very High Rating!

I would like to congrats the creators of noCRM. Besides the ease of use, I liked it a lot and it is very useful to be able to attach an email directly to a lead by just copying the given BCC address into the Cco field. Also, creating a lead from a business card is also fantastic! Another functionality I found great is the prospecting list. Anyway... congrats for it. We will continue using it a lot!

Pedro Helou, Sales Engineer


Very easy to use and helpful

noCRM is a very useful tool for prospecting and a sales orientated contact management. You can adapt indicators easily to your industry. With the tool I can organize prospecting, dispatch contacts, and receive a daily follow up of prospecting activity.

Benoit Routurier, Sales Director


Exactly what I needed. Up and running within minutes.

Sage, Act, Dynamics ... ugh. All I want is a way to track my leads. I don't want anything complicated. I was looking around for a way of getting stuff in and out of my accounting system and discovered noCRM on Zapier. So, wait, I don't *actually* need a CRM? I took the trial and within a few days entered my billing info because I knew that this was exactly what I needed. The morning splash of business in my inbox is a great reminder of what I have got to do today, the links direct to the leads in the emails are great for on-the-go management, and the allocation to other members of your team, status updates, amount & probability reports are the icing on the cake. And the video tutorial which walks you through the whole entire system in 15 minutes is exactly what is needed. Top marks all round. Highly recommended.

Daniel Dainty, Business Development Manager

Kamazoy Virtual IT Department

Just what I was looking for!

This noCRM is just what we were looking for, clear, easy to use, no nonsense and to the point.

Eva Llopis Sancho, Export manager

Cambien Ecolegico

Very easy to use. Facilitated our process of registration in the educational institute

The system is easy and sophisticated. It allows inexperienced users to understand the use of the system quickly and contains many resources.

Fabricio Director, Director

ISAL Educaci—n

Easy to use and simple

If you are looking for a single action follow up software-- this is the one. Most CRM's are complicated. We were looking for something simple as we are a new SaaS company. This fits the bill. We were up and running in minutes and our sales personnel are extremely happy.

Yazdi Mehta, President

Sales Genii

A great experience using this software

In our company we have the issue of staying on top of follow ups with our prospects, with noCRM we resolved this problem and beyond

Sergio Hernandez, Manager

EP Solutions

Extraordinary sales tool

My friend recommended I use it, so I decided to give it a try. It definitely is a great tool for managing sales and contacts. If someone wants to boost sales and have a better organization this is the ideal tool. I 100% recommend it.

Idalia Perez, Human Resources


Doesn't get any easier

CRM doesn't come much easier to use than this. I am a fairly simple user but it does what I need it to do and I can get the reporting I need. Thoroughly recommend to people who want a really easy to use solution to manage their sales pipeline

Nigel Davey, Managing Director

SME Needs Ltd

Inside sales, this is the perfect lead tracker

All I've ever wanted was a program to track leads without all the over-complication of a full CRM. noCRM was the perfect solution. I finally found what I was looking for. It has plenty of features when it comes to the need to track leads and stay organized, but it stays focused on that and not the other CRM features.

Quentin Mcnabb, Sales

Motion View Software

Great solution for a startup

I've been using noCRM for a couple months now, and it delivers exactly what I expected. It's simple, yet has everything a startup like mine needs - without the hassle I get trying to work with 'bigger' solutions.

Lucas Leite, CEO


Excellent platform to manage my Leads

I am the Founder of Hire4drive, a company running in india. Its been an amazing experience using noCRM. I have been using noCRM since almost a year now and I am very much satisfied with its features and quick response to any queries. I am waiting for more features to come for managing the customer records. Love you noCRM.

Kishan Kanodia, Founder & MD


Very good tool for prospection

I use noCRM for prospecting needs. It is easy to adapt to my B2B activity and very easy to teach my team as well.

Franck Couillerot, COO


Looking for a CRM? Look no more. Here's noCRM !

Easy & user-friendly! Go to Success with noCRM!

Cyril Largy, CEO


Great tool to track leads without living in your CRM

It does what it says on the tin: track leads, help sales reps know when to get back in touch with a lead and structure deals quickly using tags. This is a sales-rep focused CRM, not a reporting-led CRM. It helps make sure no lead ever falls through the cracks. The app is very easy to use, requires no training and can be configured for a small team in 5 minutes. Great way to power a small sales team.

Sebastien Blanc, GM, US


Have used several complicated CRMs

Have used several CRM's all of which were complicated and included a bunch of fields that were not needed. This CRM is simple and you can include as much or as little information as is needed for each individual lead. I love the fact that it defaults on "To Do" so that nothing gets lost.

Jonathan Colton, Owner

Land Designs by Colton

I finally found a perfect CRM

I finally found a perfect CRM for my business. It has everything I need.

Tomislav Nikolic, Owner


Great Lead Manager

I have tried several lead management systems over the years, and is by far my favorite. It has been the easiest and quickest system to get set up and running. I love how it keeps all my leads organized, and the daily emails tell me exactly what I need to do right now. Integrating my web site contact form with noCRM only took a minute, and now my leads are automatically dropped right into the system so I can work on them immediately. Thanks to, my leads aren't "falling through the cracks” and I am saving time and working much more efficiently!

Marty Hahne, Founder


Very easy to use

Very easy to use, reasonable price and helpful for tracking leads.

Blas Trevino, Partner

BTC International

This is an absolutely gorgeous tool too

This is an absolutely gorgeous tool to use and geared towards sales! We are able to empower our team with the tools and integrations they need to drive our message out to the world efficiently.

Matt Bennett, President/Founder

Django Financial

Simple yet powerful

We've been using Sugar CRM but find it too rigid. Being a services company, we mainly need an easy to use lead tracker with notifications. We switched to noCRM and are delighted with its ease of use. We can now focus on managing our leads, instead managing our TODO list.

Javier Delgado

Quadion Technologies

Easy to use for sales

noCRM is a very simple software to use. It is easy to understand and easy for my collaborators. It's a great tool for new sales follow up. We had problems before using this and now we have more time to sell our products.

Ana Lucia Zapata

Bedoya Publicidad

Apt tool for my startup sales process

I've tried multiple tools to see if they fit my sales process. All the tools out there overly complicate your process and becomes an overhead sometimes and you eventually stop using it. noCRM did perfectly fit my process and I'm happy using it.

Satish P


The CRM for you

I was a bit skeptical at first, but for the price I could not pass up the chance to try this system out. I have drifted from CRM to CRM for our small manufacturing company. For us is it about follow up, and maintaining relationships with our community, partner businesses, media, AND customers. This system allowed us to create a fun and flexible way to manage our business at a fraction of the cost. CRM should not be a time consumer. A lot of CRM softwares are at their peak functionality when YOU spend lots of time inputting data that doesn't really help you close the sales. What helps us close the sale is visibility of who we've be talking too, what was last said, and having reminders. If you have not tried this, you missing out. No matter the size of your business, you should give this a shot.

Adam Clark

Tangible Solutions

The best 'No Nonsense' Lead Tracking tool currently available

We tried complex CRMs and realized that we really don't need to buy such expensive tools as we mainly needed an easy to use pipeline tracker with some notification facilities and bulk prospects upload features and noCRM was spot on the target.

Kumar Anshu


Definitely one of the best tools for organizing sales processes

Undoubtedly one of the best tools for organizing processes very very good online sales software. It even has a tool for post sales tasks so I liked it a lot.

Jose Manuel Ponceleon Magallanes

TNW Enterprise

I just love it

I found all the options I was looking for and it's really helpful. Everyone should stop using those fancy CRMs and check the new way to manage your leads/sales.

Chris Pritchard

Adventure Land

Must-have CRM

It has been less than a day since I have started using but it is really very easy to understand all.

Harsh Amin

ADORN Cosmetic Clinic

Simple and effective!!

Very simple to use on a daily basis and with detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Rui Almeida

Alfa Seguros

Really helped my office.

We had a problem with following up on new clients, but with noCRM we could get things done. It is very simple to use, but sometimes very basic.

Vitor Miguel

Pedro Miguel Sociedade de Advogados


Good app everyone should use it

Edgar Monroy


Simple, easy to use and nice interface

I tried many CRMs and I want to say I like this software. When you want sell products, I think it's the best because you're focused on the opportunities to make business. You don't lose time to fill your database. You import a file and you start to work on your deals. And for me, the important thing too, is that the team is here for you if you need help. After one week I received an e-mail to ask me if everything is ok. Just one thing to say : TRY IT

Durand Stephane


Best tool for customer lead follow-up

Simple, easy to use, connection with Google environment. Just great!!

Fabrice Brault


Simple CRM

Just what I was looking for

Kevin Desouza


You Dont' Need a CRM

Software is easy to use and we have our salespeople rocking and rolling efficiently!

Neil Walia


We have tried a few CRM before decided

We have tried a few CRM before decided to stick to noCRM. It was one of the best business decision and has since help us to track more than 5000 leads.

Sarah Ap

Great Features, Super Value

I have worked with many CRM's and this product is low cost and includes all the necessities needed to grow your business. The mobile app lets you handle your leads on the run which is great for us because we are constantly on the road.

Michael Knight

Excellent for my Small Business!

We are a small business and have searched extensively for a CRM that would work with our small staff. We were oversold big programs before that we so difficult to use. This program, is the best thing ever. My entire staff of 3 uses it and loves it. It's simple, to the point, and extremely effective. You don't need expensive programs that have too many bells and whistles and designed for large corps. THIS IS what you are looking for!

Natalie Costa

NoCRM is an absolute must.

noCRM is truly the best software I have ever used for sales management. Over the years I have used many and always ended up frustrated and spending too much time on the computer versus making sales. noCRM finally freed me to track the key components of my pipeline with minimal effort. You are missing out if you don't give it a try.

David Golan

Very good app and very good follow up

Very good app and very good follow up from the company.

Benjamin Cherix

The good thing is how simple it is

The good thing is how simple it is to create leads (I do it straight from incoming online enquiries) and the update them by blind-copying emails into the system.

Chris H

User friendly

User friendly, clean and better yet with their app I can add more leads while on the go!

Hangover Coupons

Love the program.

Great and affordable program with great connectivity to phone, calendars and more

Shelley Gulley

Simple, well built app

Great for small businesses and festivals


Excellent CRM!

Like the CRM very much. I would recommend this!

Vin Biscoglio, Envoy Mortgage


I think it's a great tool for managing prospects and leads and supports the commercial area

Kathiana Homayden

Perfect Tool

This is exactly what I was looking for. I have a small sales force and needed a way to distribute leads and be able to track results at an affordable price. The website is fast and simple to use and adjust to your own personal setting. Highly recommended.

Michael S

very good CRM

I recommend noCRM. Easily accessible and very helpful!


A great software

A really great CRM for starting your company. It is really well-thought out and has a lot of really nice functions. You want to create an action for a prospect ? Go on their website and click on a button and you have them created in your CRM!

Axel Sry

Great and simple product

I'm the founder of a small tech startup and have been trying out different CRM software but found they were all too complex and not really adapted to what I needed at my early stages. I was just looking for a simple and easy tool to keep a clear overview of all my leads without having to go through the hassle other solutions on the market offered. I am very pleased to have found noCRM and would recommend it to everyone who, like me, wants to manage my sales pipeline more efficiently. The team seems to be very friendly and responsive. Only good things to say about this product!

Miriam Hohensinn

We have tried a few CRM systems in the past

We have tried a few CRM systems in the past and abandoned each one due to the complexity. They discouraged users from entering data and using it effectively. noCRM has obviously recognised this and created a system that users soon see is of immense benefit to them in their sales process with no barrier to use. Support has been good. I would like to see a bit more functionality in the mobile app especially related to prospecting and have put this forward as a suggestion. With our sales team on the road they rely heavily on the mobile app so it does need to have all the functionality of the web app. I suspect that they will address this as I have seen constant improvement of the system.


Great Tool, good features, what's next?

- User-friendly - Perfect for the size of my company - Good support

Stephan Marin

noCRM is great!

noCRM has been a tremendous help for my business. It is an excellent tool to manage leads and to organize my sales. I believe it could offer some more features in terms of storing information for recurring customer information. For the large part though, it's a great program!

Fred Swart

This system is just great!

This system is just great! We started to use it since almost 5 years ago and we see every year is getting better, so many improvements. We tried many others but we think this is the best.


Very intuitive and easy to use

Very intuitive and easy to use, specially for small company. I recommend it !


Easy and simple

Easy and simple. Great efficiency and low cost. I love it for my business.

Christophe Gomez

Its amazing

It''s amazing, it has been my pipeline management tool for more than 5 month. I became more organized and never missed a lead.

Enrique Moreno

Real solution !!

We are very happy to find a web-based solution that can organizes our actions. It is very intuitive and dynamic.

Carlos Andres Caceres

The simplest prospecting tool ever!

We have been using in my company for two years now. It is the first tool I put in place when I joined. It is by far the easiest software to follow customer conquest, pipeline and new business gain. Extremely user friendly, my team and I use it every day. I know in real time what to do and what my team does. Business meetings with my team don't need to be prepared anymore : every information is in noCRM and comes out in a click. Very simple but powerful too.

Julien C., Consumer Services

Maintain focus on the Pipeline

The app is perfect for controlling the sales pipeline. It is extremely easy to use and does not require the sales person to fill in endless fields. It is the only CRM app that I have seen that was quickly adopted by the sales staff. I tried other CRMs before and they are very nice theoretically, but are not practical for the user. By focusing only on prospecting new customers, this tool gets the job done.

Eduardo Estefano Neto, CFO

Industria Nacional de Tintas

Use of the CRM for business clients tracking

The system is extremely easy to use and you can learn the basics of what you need in a couple hours. The integration of the sent emails into the comments is the best feature that this system has that others do not. I have used Salesforce in the past and it was almost too much information. This CRM really only focuses on the basics of who you are contacting and when to follow up.

Zach M., Account Manager

Easy, fast, and flexible

I've used a number of CRM systems, but had trouble finding one that was simple enough for me: a solo entrepreneur interfacing only with a few clients at a time. What I loved about noCRM right away was that it's flexible: it's great for a small business like my own, but is also scalable for larger businesses. It's easy to use, so the learning curve is low, and it's fast too. No matter how much info you're storing inside, it'll speed right along.If you've had trouble picking a CRM, give a try. It might just be the perfect fit - it was for me!

Chris V., Creative Director

A tool the team can finally use!

I have been exploring several tools lately for sales purpose. The biggest challenge I come across in specialized CRMs is that they take a long time just to get a hang of.. It requires you at least a month of work in training and workshops for the team to understand the usage. Instead with noCRM, to team feels very familiar with the interface and the process. It feels like a lot of the regular social networks, and its easier to take to real work.

Stavros Q., IT Consultant

Very Good and a friendly application

I have been looking for a good CRM tool with a fully loaded features package and finally after many hardships i have found this to be very exciting and wonderful. Its very easy to use for admin as well for the team. Its easy to assign, create and also close the prospects when we need them. It's a really good and easy application and a perfect replacement to all your complicated CRM tools

Kandukuri S.

Amazing Tool. My Team Loves

We have been using noCRM since more than a year. We fell in love with this since then. Its so simple , easy and add-on features are real helpful to meet the business needs.

Kishan K., Co-Founder & CEO

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