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The Sales Expert Directory

Need some help with your sales strategy? Not sure where to get started on building your sales stack? Check out our Sales Expert Directory to find the perfect contact to help you meet your objectives & optimize your sales processes.

The Sales Expert Directory

Categories : Blogs on the art of selling | Podcasts for salespeople and their managers | Experts in business development

Blogs on the art of selling

JB Sales⎥The blog to improve the sales experience

JB Sales was founded to provide quality sales training programs made by experienced sales experts. In their blog, they offer inspiring interviews with sales experts and business owners, so you can learn more about their background and daily life, as well as discover some tips to improve your skills.

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A Sales Guy⎥The blog to accelerate your sales

A Sales Guy will help you accelerate your sales, with lots of sales advice, regular sales news, and information about sales training. If you want to learn more about cold calling, change the way you sell, or discover the right training program for you, you're in the right place.

The Sales Blog Iannarino⎥The blog to better manage sales

Iannarino's blog, The Sales Blog, provides all the information to better manage your sales a well as your sales team, and improve your performance and results. Prospecting techniques, closing deals tactics, how to better manage client relationships: start being a better seller with the right resources.

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Sales Gravy⎥The blog for better sales skills

Sales Gravy is a leader in sales training and enablement solutions. Through their blog they provide sales articles, sales videos or even sales podcasts, made by sales professionals and experts. From having a deeper insight on sales to sharing tips and avise, make sure to improve your performance with Sales Gravy's blog.

Podcasts for salespeople and their managers

Limitless⎥The podcast for sales and marketing enthusiasts

The Limitless podcast is dedicated to all the passionate sales and marketing professionals who want thorough answers to their questions to improve at their job. Listen to professionals with varied backgrounds share about their experience.

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B2B SaaS Sales Podcast⎥The podcast to become a better sales person

If you want to become better at your job, you're in the right place. The B2B SaaS Sales Podcast helps sales and B2B workers to improve by listening to other experts experience and knowledge.

Outside Sales Talk⎥The podcast to improve performance

In Outside Sales Talk, each episode is dedicated to an expert or industry leader that shares their strategies as well as their tips to improve your sales and performance overall.

Experts in business development

Lead Intuition⎥Automate your company's marketing & sales processes

Lead Intuition is the platform that shares the best tools for marketing and sales processes automation. Access amazing support, tutorials and training to implement optimized strategies with the right tools and start reaching customers faster to grow your business.

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IMPACT⎥Optimize your inbound marketing & sales

Impact is the expert platform that will have you improve your inbound marketing and sales. Access training programs about "They Ask, You Answer", a framework made to improve your sales, as well as many courses and conferences. Take your business to the next level with an IMPACT coach that will help you and your team improve with the right strategy.

YourSales⎥Enhance your B2B company's growth

YourSales helps tech companies develop their sales and their business growth. With this platform you can get advice from a sales professional specialized in the needs of your targeted countries. Easily comply with local requirements for your sales, or local recruitment with an expert's help, and start adapting your way of selling to your targets.

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SalesSense⎥Learn how to correctly sell

SalesSense helps B2B companies increase their performances by proceeding to assessments, helping implement strategies and action plans, or even training and coaching salespeople. If your business needs helps improving its strategy, facing competition, entering new markets, recruiting new staff and much more topics related to sales performance, SalesSense is made for you.

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