Voxloud is a cloud-based phone app built for small businesses to empower telecommunications and become more professional.

Connecting Voxloud with allows you to centralize data in a single interface and use data to help you provide a context to your interactions with customers.

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Getting Started

Connect Your and Voxloud Accounts

  1. Retrieve your API Key First, you need to generate the API key within the Admin Panel > API > API keys. Create an API key, enter a name and a description and click on Save.

  2. Log into your Voxloud account. Go to the Shop and select the Integrations box. Click on Purchase. Then click on Integrations in the left menu. Select the integration and click on Integrate Click on Connect your account and log into your account to connect it to your Voxloud account. Now enter the name of your account as Slug and the API key that you have previously generated in and click on 'Salvare'. Click on 'Successivo'. Choose your user and click 'Successivo'.

  3. Download the Voxloud desktop and/or mobile app based on your usage.

Your integration with is active now!

Call Your Leads and Prospects From

  • All leads (created before and after the integration) are integrated from to Voxloud.
  • Click on the phone icon on any lead with a phone number in
  • Once you complete your calls, the recordings are automatically logged after 5 minutes with the duration, number, audio recording, etc.

You may then edit that activity to select the outcome and enter your notes.

Receive Calls Directly in

Receive inbound calls from an unknown number

When you activate the integration in your Voxloud account's Control Panel you get the option to create a new lead automatically in when calling an unknown number or receiving a call from an unknown number. If there are no matches in your leads for the phone number of the incoming call, the recording is lost because noCRM cannot save it as pending.

Receive inbound calls from a known number

  • If many leads have the same phone number, the recording logs in every lead with that phone number.
  • If there is at least one match in your leads for the phone number of the incoming call, you may:
  1. Click on the 'Open the Lead' button or click directly on the lead you want to open from the list of available options.
  2. Create a + New lead
  • Once the first step is done, you can jot down your notes in the highlighted comment box.
  • Following the completion of the call, noCRM will automatically retrieve the call recording and attach it to the lead's comment section.
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