4 Tips To Fight The Holiday Slump

The holiday season can have a significant effect on organisations’ bottomline. Unlike B2C companies that experience a spike in sales, in a B2B environment, the opposite can be said. There are many reasons that can be attributed to this, such as shrinking end-of-year budgets, people taking time off, etc.

Knowing this, most sales reps tend to slow down as well, throwing in the towel because of seasonality despite the need to hit targets. So how can sales managers remedy this and get their sales reps excited even when the market slows down? We suggest not focusing on things you can’t control, but on actions that you have complete power over.

Motivate Your Sales Team & Nurture Your Leads

Keeping your sales team motivated can be difficult when they are already stuck in a rut as the holidays approach. Spice things up at the office, build up their spirits and keep them engaged and productive. Create sales challenges and offer incentives such as holiday wish lists for those who complete them.

Don’t be surprised if your team already has a preconceived idea that no lead or prospect is willing to buy at the end of the year. Not true. Some companies are looking to spend the rest of their annual budget and you might fit the bill. Have your team get creative with the ways they check-in on their new and old leads.

You can also take this opportunity to connect with your old customers. Let them know you value their business and partnership and consider any renewal opportunities.

Schedule Your New Year Meetings

Start the New Year right. Since everyone is mostly busy with professional or personal engagements during the holiday season, it can be tough to line up any meetings. Fill your downtime with sales activities such as researching your leads, understanding the kind of value you can present to them and set up appointments with them for 2020 to get ahead of your competition.

Wrap-up the Year With Holiday Marketing

It goes without saying, but creating an email marketing campaign should be a go-to plan for any company. It goes hand-in-hand with the point to nurture your leads. This allows you to communicate plans for 2020, give insights to your leads on how they should be spending their own budget for 2020, provide end-of-year deals, and wish them Happy Holidays!

Brainstorm And Strategize

Downtime is the best time to get your team together for brainstorming sessions. Allowing your sales team to take part of high-level planning motivates them, keeps them engaged, and sends the right message that their input is valuable for the future of the company.

Discuss what’s been done in 2019, the challenges and wins that need to be addressed and appreciated, and what’s to come next in 2020. Strategize and plan for potential new processes and goals that can take them and the company to the next level.

Don’t get discouraged as you approach the Holiday season and follow our tips to keep your sales team efficient and motivated!