How to create a sales script: the free tool that assists your sales prospecting

The life of a salesperson is far from being Easy Street. Identifying potential customers, cold calling, processing incoming leads, qualifying contacts, following up prospects and opportunities, managing the sales tool… It is easy to get overwhelmed.

In addition, everyone has their own working methods and uses the tools they feel comfortable with. In short, it is no easy task to bring uniformity to the work of a sales team, especially when it is made up of very different individuals.

The noCRM sales representatives were determined to avoid this situation. They, therefore, put their heads together and built the Sales Script Generator. A tool that makes lead qualification easy and ensures that the whole team follows the same process. And since they are a generous bunch, they have decided to make it available, free of charge and without limitation, to all salespeople.

Read on to find out more.

The Sales Script Generator: What is it?

The Sales Script Generator The Sales Script Generator is a script that makes it easy to qualify a prospect when you have them on the phone.  

In effect, it is a list of pre-set questions to ask during your qualification calls. Just follow your sales script, tick some boxes or enter information into text fields, and you’re done.

By default, the tool offers sets of typical qualifying questions to collect information regarding:

  • the contact: first name, last name, email address and postal address;
  • their company: name, address;
  • their decision-making power and the decision-making process within their company: position, role in the company, involvement in the purchasing process;
  • their budget;
  • the timing of their project if they have one.

A 100% customisable telephone script

The beauty of the Sales Script Generator is that it is completely customisable. You can add as many questions/fields as you want.

With little more than the click of a button, you can add checkboxes and text fields to handle the information your business needs. So whatever industry you work in and whatever your sales cycle, you can tailor the sales script to your needs.

how to create a sales script

Try the Sales Script Generator: free and unlimited. Forever.

How do I use the Sales Script Generator?

Once you are happy, all you have to do is save your script and share it with your entire sales team.

From then on, the process is simple: the moment a salesperson makes or receives a phone call, they open the sales script, tick the corresponding boxes and fill in the information in the text fields.

Thus, all your salespeople use the same qualification process. This ensures data homogeneity and makes it easier to properly segment your contact database.

But that’s not all. The Sales Script Generator easily integrates with whatever sales tool you use.  

Integration with your sales tool

One click. That’s all it takes to copy/paste the information from your sales script into your sales tool.

In this respect, not all companies are equal. VSEs and SMEs each use different sales tools, some more comprehensive than others, and of varying degrees of complexity.

Hence the idea of the Sales Script Generator. The Generator can easily integrate with all sales tools, whether you use an Excel spreadsheet, a complex and cumbersome CRM tool like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, or simplified sales prospecting and monitoring software like

Obviously, if you use, it is fully integrated from the word “Go!”, but you are completely free to use the software of your choice.

Sales script integrations

The benefits of the Sales Script for your sales team

It’s free and unlimited!

You can create as many scripts as you want and use them for as long as you need. There are no limitations, and no freemium option. Everything is free, from day 1 and forever.

In other words, there is simply no reason not to try it.

Try the Sales Script Generator: free and unlimited. Forever.

Simplified qualification

The Sales Script Generator allows you to collect customer data in real time during prospecting and qualification calls. All you have to do is tick a few boxes and fill in a few text fields.

Your notes are clean and easy to use for sales tracking. You can even add reminders for upcoming tasks. This increases your chances of closing contracts with your qualified prospects.

Centralisation of notes

Say goodbye to disappearing post-its, to notebooks that end up in your colleagues’ pockets, or to notes applications that are so cluttered you can never find the information you need.

With your new sales script, your notes are clear and always presented in the same way.

Integration with your sales tool

Your notes are integrated into your sales tool with a single click. You waste less time reporting the essential information from your sales prospecting, your manager no longer needs to chase you, and you have more peace of mind.

Streamlined prospecting within the sales team

All sales reps in your company follow the same process, guaranteeing homogeneous and easily traceable data. It also makes report creation easier for your team.

Finally, when a new salesperson joins your ranks, the on-boarding process is much quicker.

The Sales Script Generator will not magically turn your sales reps into Wolves of Wall Street, but it will give structure to their work, make it more consistent and efficient in the long term, and provide a framework for phone calls which may sometimes be lacking.

Our salespeople have designed it to meet their own needs, and they use it every day. It is free and unlimited. Ready to give it a try?

Try the Sales Script Generator: free and unlimited. Forever.