How this Mexican sales team increase sales productivity thanks to noCRM

Intro: This case study looks at how this Mexican sales team increase sales productivity with’s lead management software.

Telesiete is a Mexican company based in Guadalajara, Mexico. It has 20 employees, of which seven work in the sales department. The company’s creates and sells long distance phone cards to people and companies.

A few days ago I talked to Telesiete’s owner and CEO, Hector Prats, to gain a deeper understanding of his business and of how helps his team manage their sales on a daily basis.

Mariana: Before using how did your salespeople manage their leads?

Hector: On paper! It was a mess! My employees weren’t organized at all and didn’t have a clear vision of their sales or to-dos.
A few months ago I decided it was time to set up a tool that would help them keep track of whom they had called, the history of the exchanges with the prospects, and also something to remind them what they had to do next.

Mariana: Why did you choose You Don’t Need a CRM?

Hector: I came across You Don’t Need a CRM! when I was looking for sales management tools. We tried it out and realized it was exactly what we needed: a simple tool that would tell us everyday what we had to do and that would keep track of the history of our leads.

Mariana: Can you see a change since the adoption of the service?

Hector: Yes! The sales team now comes to work knowing exactly what they have to do. They are a lot more productive: they are organized and don’t miss out on a single business opportunity. We’re all very happy with the tool. I’m a satisfied customer!

At You Don’t Need a CRM! we are very happy to know that our solution is really helping out Telesiete’s sales team. They are now happier and and less stressed-out because they have a tool that helps them easily manage their leads every day.

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