How Solid Wood Flooring Company is Accommodating Rapid Growth with

The Solid Wood Flooring Company (SWFC) manufactures and supplies high quality, engineered flooring materials. Working directly with designers, contractors and architects across the United Kingdom to help their clients achieve their dream floors. SWFC prides themselves on being a family company. They have since expanded to export to more than 25 countries and continents around the world.

We spoke with Solid Wood Flooring Director, Rob Eckersley, to talk about how noCRM transformed their company’s sales process and allowed them to manage and accommodate the growth they’re experiencing.

Rob is in charge of the operations of the company, more precisely, working with customers to provide expert consultancy in sustainable procurement, healthy building materials and finishes. Rob also oversees the sales team and the sales process.

Their previous CRM system presented Rob and his team with some of the biggest challenges any sales team could face; the inability to see at a high level how their leads are progressing, difficulty accessing historical exchanges, and an insufficient follow-up system. It’s time to look for a scalable sales CRM system.

Structured Sales Process for Higher Conversions

Rob couldn’t analyze and redefine the sales process over time as it was difficult to see how leads were progressing and converting through the sales stages. noCRM’s visual sales pipeline and the pipeline performance report directly enabled him to put in place a trackable sales funnel that brought in a clearer step-by-step process which is laid out visually for the entire team.

With the difficult-to-use follow up system in the previous CRM, the team would lose track of the generated leads. Unsure who they need to contact next and when to follow up risked the company losing out on qualified leads. noCRM’s status loop solved this problem by giving each lead a to-do or stand-by status. Together with the visual sales pipeline, Solid Wood Flooring was able to raise their lead quality and shorten the average time it took to close them.

Easy Data Access and Data Entry for a Consolidated System

The other difficulty they experienced was with having decentralized information on customers and leads. As it was difficult to access historical exchanges quickly, sales reps who were on the phone or out in the field couldn’t pull up lead information fast enough. It was also impossible to add in-call or meeting details directly. This led to loss of information and some scattered across different platforms.

The other issue was that their previous system would crash intermittently. It took time to recompile the database each time it went down. As is in any company, time is too valuable to be wasted on system maintenance for a program that didn’t meet their needs.

Since moving to, they can quickly search for leads from any device. Sales reps can also see a record of exchanges to add further details. The speed and intuitiveness of the system transformed their process and increased the team’s productivity and efficiency.

They’re now more proactive than ever and that was an absolute game changerRob

Information Structure and Statistics For Greater Understanding

The lead cards are an obvious advantage for better organized information structure. However, the biggest advantage is the Client FoldersRob

Having a client folder and a multitude of leads attached to it helped SWFC organise their client records. It makes it a lot easier for them to see who’s working on what project and which client it’s for. They can quickly pull up all active and closed deals and spot new potential opportunities to work on. That’s the scalable sales CRM system they were looking for.

We asked Rob how the use of noCRM’s reports provided more clarity and understanding in what people are doing:  

The reports provide complete data on my team’s progress and the overall business trends, such as: how many leads were closed, how much business each client is bringing in, as well as the number of leads generated on a day-to-day basis.”— Rob

Since has been implemented, the Solid Wood Flooring Company has become more organized and gained greater control over their entire sales. They’re getting in large amounts of projects and their sales team can finally follow-up on time and track the increase.