You Don’t Need a CRM: The Benefit of Tags to Optimize Your Sales

Intro: Find out why the noCRM Client Folders makes it much easier for you to manage your leads via the use of tags. 

Tags are used everywhere nowadays — on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… but many professional tools have also adopted them. Why? Because it’s an easy & ergonomic way of replacing folders.

Yes, tags are like folders in which you can structure information. And even better: thanks to tags, you can put information inside several folders at the same time! In fact, when you tag your Instagram picture with #Summer2015 and #Beachtime, you are putting your picture inside two folder which contains thousands of other pictures tagged with one, #Summer2015 the other #Beachtime.

Inside noCRM it’s exactly the same! Tags enable you to structure your leads. The only difference is that you don’t need to add the Hash key (#) in front of the tag you wish to use.

What’s the benefit of using those tags?
Let’s take the example of EVENTCORP, a fictitious company based in NYC, which is specialized in the organization of Corporate events for Small & Medium companies located in the East Coast.

Thanks to the categories and tags created inside their lead management software, not only can they structure their leads in a way where they can know how many conferences they’ve sold in Miami for example….


… but they will also be able to analyze their entire business and understand their clients better: at the end of the 1st quarter, EVENTCORP needs to know what type of event they are selling most and where. Thanks to the tags they have created inside noCRM, they can have that information after a couple of clicks (see image below).

With this example we can see how tags are a powerful way to strengthen your sales process easily.


How to create tags inside YDNCRM?

In the Admin section of your account, go to Categorize your leads. Create a category (group of tags), and then add all the tags you want inside that category.

In the case of EVENTCORP (the fictitious company we used as an example above), they would have:

Category 1: Events
Tags inside category 1: Seminar, Conference, Business Cocktail, Dinner
=> You create 1 tag per kind of service / product you sell
Category 2: Cities
Tags inside category 2: NYC, Miami, Washington DC, Orlando
=> You create 1 tag per city in which your company works
Category 3: Origin
Tags inside category 3: LinkedIn, Events, Website, Existing Client.
=> You create 1 tag per origin where your leads can come from

And so on…

It’s as easy as and beneficial as that!

You didn’t know this was possible? Login to your account right away and start creating your own tags!

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