Top 10 Reasons Why Salespeople Choose noCRM for a Lead Management Tool

After speaking to many of our customers that had a previous personal experience with CRM software, we were able to come out with a list of the top 10 reasons that made them choose our lead management tool instead of a classical CRM to manage leads.

Here are their top answers to the question “Why did you choose our software to close more deals instead of a classical CRM?”

1/ I love to use it! I had the feeling to lose so much time entering data in my previous CRM. Now it’s the opposite. I am happy to use noCRM every day as it helps me in the way I work.

2/ It’s a simple software, which puts the lead at its heart. Not the contact, not the company, the lead. It means it focuses on turning prospects into customers.

3/ The mobile app, and the ability to access my data from everywhere.
[Note : Being in SaaS,  it allows our users to work from any mobile device or Desktop and even offline with the mobile app.]

4/ It gives me a full control on my sales activity and that of my entire team. The pipeline view allows me to have a clear view of my sales funnel.

5/ I always know what I have to do next. I can follow-up on my leads easily, making sure I never forget the next action to be handled. A lead is never forgotten: either I have something TODO now, or I will have something to do in the future so I set a reminder with a specific date & time, that appears in my calendar (Google, iCal, Outlook,…).

6/ It is easy to setup and to customize so it matches my needs:

7/ I love how easy it is to create leads: by scanning a business card, directly from my company’s website (integrating my contact forms), or by importing Excel or CSV documents. I can even create leads by forwarding e-mails I received in my inbox to the system!

8/ I love prospecting list as it allows me to qualify very quickly a lot of unqualified prospects without mixing them with my qualified leads.

9/ I can also follow-up on my WON deals. There’s a post-sales process, which enables be to manage specific tasks that I have predefined in the system.

10/ I have access to full statistics to help me and the entire team know where we are at to manage leads! Thanks to categories and tags that we can predefine, statistics can be extremely specific: the type of product / service I sold more during a specific time, if a specific campaign has worked well…

Love for Our Lead Management Tool

Our customers love it and there are plenty more than 10 reasons for that.

noCRM is no doubt the more efficient lead management tool available today: from the qualification of suspects to the post-sales process. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs and SMBs up to hundreds of employees, and it’s available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian.

You want to try it to manage leads? Start your 15-day free trial now.

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