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Case Study: How Lorenzo Automotores Uses in the Automobile Industry

We speak to Jorje Rojas of Lorenzo Automotores. See what Jorje had to say about how the company use and the changes the automobile industry is facing.

Last update on June 25

Company Name:Lorenzo Automotores
Sector:Automobile Sales
Number of Staff:200, 80 of which are salespeople Edition:Expert

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Jorje Rojas works in the online marketing department for Lorenzo Automotores, a company who specializes in selling 0 km Fiat vehicles. One of his key roles is to prepare the company for the shift currently happening in the automobile industry.

Where the showroom was once king for selling vehicles, the dynamic is now changing. Online sales are becoming more frequent. To get ready for the change, Jorje implemented’s lead management software.

Yanina Baglieri,'s Customer Success in South America, recently sat down with Jorje. They spoke about the car sales industry, Lorenzo Automotores’ process, and how they use to manage their pipeline.

Preparing for Change

Jorje has worked in marketing for seven years. His current focus centers around transitioning the sales team from conventional car sales to the digital space. With three headquarters in Argentina and 80 salespeople, preparing for such change is no easy feat.

Lorenzo Automotores’ sales process takes 5-10 days, with the spotlight on adapting to the customer’s circumstances. By placing emphasis on the customer's wants, they are better prepared to find a solution that is the best fit.

Using at Lorenzo Automotores

Regular meetings take place to keep communication levels high. Jorje uses these opportunities to share his digital experience and engage with the team over the tools they use to implement practises. The idea of using was born out of one of these meetings.

Other sales systems were proving to be over complicated and slowing down the sales process. They needed something that was simple to use and, most importantly, worked for sales reps. As Jorje says, “If the system is too complex, you lose focus on selling”.

Other sales systems were proving to be over complicated and slowing down the sales process

Using the software helped to speed up response time and the distribution of leads in the company. Before using, Jorje felt that too many leads were dropping out of the pipeline because everything had to go from channel to channel.

In the modern age, a salesperson has to be more than a “seller”. They should carry knowledge of the digital field, be adept at using tools and always be ready for industry changes. It’s also important to set up a process to give reps the best chance of success.

The Vehicle Sales Industry in Sales

Speaking about the changes in the automobile industry over the last 10 years, Jorje feels the macroeconomic modifications haven’t been dramatic. However, from a technology point of view, the changes are more obvious.

Lorenzo Automotores plans to transition 100 percent of the sales over to digital.

He says, “In the same way, it is changing the sales process and adapting to new technologies. For the past two years, we have battled with the digital transformation to adapt to this new 2.0 era.”.

As for what the future holds for Lorenzo Automotores, the plan is to transition 100 percent of the sales over to digital.

Customer Focus

To be ready for change, Jorje feels salespeople need to be tuned in to the digital customer's needs. It’s important to work with a customer, rather than trying to sell at them. Those in the car sales industry that can transition successfully will be better placed for success.

Having a simple lead management tool doesn’t hurt either.

To read the full interview with Jorje Rojas in Spanish, check out “Cómo Lorenzo Automotores Está Utilizando para Gestionar Sus Leads a 100km/h ”. Enjoy.

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