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How Helped an Internet provider Improve their Sales Process.

This case study looks at how's lead management software helped InfoWest, an internet service provider, improve their sales process.

Last update on February 24

Company Name:Infowest
Sector:Internet Service Provider
Number of Staff:28 Salespeople Edition:Expert

Randy Cosby is the CEO, Founder and Vice President of InfoWest, an Internet Service Provider, for wireless and cable internet in Southern Utah. Since the beginning of the internet, Randy co-founded Infowest in 1994 and is now overseeing a team of 28 employees. Each one works in different departments such as Sales and Marketing, ensuring the businesses run smoothly.

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Mostly using from a sales side, we had a chance to talk to Randy and find out more about his usage of the system plus how it helped him streamline his sales processes and save time.

Here are some of the great insights we learned:

Mariana ( Hi Randy and thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. How are you and your team making use of in an Internet Service aspect?

Randy: We have a team of five people using the system on a day-to-day basis, who are overlooking the entire process. We don’t collect a lot of data, but leads usually enter the system either from the website if someone enquires about home broadband or via phone calls.

Once the Lead has entered the system, we collect information such as their address and where they are based. As soon as we received all the relevant data, we compile coverage area maps to get an idea about prices. We then pass this information on to our installers, who then go on-site and check the premises if there are no things in the way that could cause bad coverage, such as high trees in front of buildings. Once we have that sorted, the lead goes back to the system as it still isn’t won and we talk the clients through the sales process up until the installation of the internet router. After the install, we still have one step to undergo before successfully closing the lead: We follow up with them to see if everything is going well.

Mariana: This is very interesting. With so much to handle, how did you structure and organize these processes before using our solution?

Randy: We were using various tech systems for billing as well as tracking before but mainly stuck to spreadsheets. It would start with a phone call, which would go straight in a spreadsheet or a piece of paper so we could keep track of how many people we were calling. Then we were using another system where we put everything in a billing system.

With, however, I get a much better view day by day, month by month. From a manager’s point of view, we get more understanding of how things are going and in which way trends are evolving. We are using this as our parameters, so we know if we get 20 calls in a day and this number cuts down to 15, there is a problem, and we need to work on it.

We then know where we have to follow up deeper or where there is room for upselling. It just gives us a better understanding of where our sales processes are working and in what field we need to make adjustments. If we are putting too much effort in a specific area but we are not getting enough leads out, we know that we have to change our strategy to close more deals.

Mariana: With 28 people, organizing all this on single spreadsheets must have been a pain!

Randy: It really didn’t report very well at all. We are not much of a sales organization, more working in the technical part, so is helping us to still cover the sales part of the business without having to use a bunch of complex systems.

Mariana: Did you integrate your Lead Management System with other tools to help streamline your processes?

Randy: We don’t integrate the system with our billing system as we like to keep things separate for our salespeople. We are just using the system plainly without integration, but it works for us. Of course, we did connect our web forms to to get leads coming from the Website straight into the CRM system which has worked very well for us so far.

Mariana: What features do you find particularly valuable in your day to day life?

Randy: We are using the follow-up feature for post-sales, which is great and extremely useful for our business. I just really like the simplicity of it. I love the fact that there are various ways to create leads and for leads to enter the system. And then of course tagging

We are using the follow-up feature for post-sales, which is great and extremely useful for our business

For us, it is essential to know why customers chose not to use our service, or if they went to a competitor, why they did so. It could be because the customer was in a bad coverage area, the price was too high, or they just came across a different service when window shopping. For us it is important to find out about the reason for the loss of our customers, so tags are working well in our favour to get this kind of insight. We then just look at the statistics and filter the relevant tag to know where we have to make improvements.

Besides tagging the various products we offer, we also use tags to keep an overview of how successful our referral system is working and where the customers come from. It is also good for me to go into one of my sales people’s stats and understand who is closing more deals and where we need to improve the sales.

Mariana: How has our solution impacted your activity? Did you have any specific KPI’s that changed ever since you started using our solution?

Randy: Our follow-up process majorly improved since we started using the system as we stay on top of our to do’s and don’t let customer slip through that easily anymore. We definitely have a better conversion rate, better follow-ups and I think it also motivates our sales people as they can see where we are at and where they can be. Before using the system, all this was very vague, but now it is just so much clearer for us.

Mariana: What features do you think your business could benefit from the most? Are there any things you would want to see implemented in the future?

Randy: Keep it simple, but it already is. I think I would like to see some more goal-based team features for salespeople and for managers to be able to clearly track the development of salespeople and how they hit their targets in that matter.

Mariana: How did you first find out about the software?

Randy: We had this sales person who was going through some different CRM tools, but they were all just so complicated, all collecting a lot of information we didn’t need. Our receptionist then tried out a few of them, and when we came across, it just clicked. A lady who is in her 60s, not being very tech savvy at all, immediately got her head around the software and it helped motivate her. And I thought; if it clicks with her, it must be good.

A lady who is in her 60s, not being very tech savvy at all, immediately got her head around the software and it helped motivate her

Mariana: How was it for you to then train the rest of the team on using the software?

Randy: We just did a bit of testing here and there for about two weeks, but it ran pretty much straight away. We then regularly added new people and we were up and running without any sort of specialized training within a few days. It was great and super simple.

Mariana: Good to hear! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

About Randy and InfoWest: alt text

Being one of the first Internet providers in Utah to offer Internet services, InfoWest has always been on the cutting edge of the internet technologies and with over 20 years of experience in delivering quality internet, they expanded their service range and are also providing home and office security, automation and energy management services in the state of Utah.

Randy Cosby has been there from day one and started InfoWest while studying at Dixie College 20 years ago. Ever since starting to use one year ago, Randy and his Team have created more than 4325 Leads inside the system.

We want to thank Randy and the Team of InfoWest for sharing their thoughts and insights with us and wish them another 20 successful years in business!

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