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Cost Effective Salesforce Alternatives For Your Business

Discover cost-effective Salesforce alternatives to help drive your business forward with solutions designed to help salespeople thrive.

Last update on September 1

Salesforce positioned itself as a giant in the CRM field because it was one of the first cloud-based services. But what was once pioneering tech is now a huge company earning billions of dollars each quarter whose aim is to address big businesses with an all-in-one solution.

After a quick browse of their website, you soon realize that Salesforce comes with a high price, too much customization options, and features that don’t align with your business requirements.

You wouldn’t be the first to come to such a conclusion, and you won’t be the last. So if it's goodbye Salesforce, what's the answer? Well, you need Salesforce alternatives, although you might not be sure which option to go with. To decide on the correct software, first you need to understand which CRM is best for you.


There are many different types of CRMs available, including marketing, customer support, e-commerce, and sales. To discover which ones are the best Salesforce alternatives, you need to understand your keys needs.

If lead nurturing and customer retention is your aim, go for a marketing CRM like Marketo. If the primary goal is to provide support to your customers, something like Intercom, Groove HQ or Zendesk can manage these requirements. Businesses selling items online will see the appeal of an e-commerce CRM and might use a service such as Metrilo.

But if your goal is to empower your sales team, convert more leads and grow sales, a lead management tool is the best bet.

Welcome to the "Sales Only" Room

Lead management tools cut through the noise and allow you to focus on the sales process, which is what sales teams want from the software they use. They remove the need to enter lots of data, something multi-purpose CRMs ask for.

The strength of lead management software lies in the next action

Their strengths lie in converting deals; not spending a large portion of time inputting vast amounts of information.

Management and sales need a clear pathway to the end goal. The strength of lead management software lies in the next action. It should always be obvious to salespeople what comes next in the process.

It’s a Salesforce bottleneck

Salesforce isn’t designed to help you execute a sales strategy with ease. In fact, it does the opposite and slows the process down. Salesforce reps will tell you its strength is in its customization. But having so many features makes the app clunky and painful to use for action-oriented salespeople.

The “one-size-fits-all” mantra isn’t reflective of companies’ software needs in 2017. And it doesn’t set itself up to aid your sales.

Empower your Sales Team and Keep Track of Everything

To maximize your sales process, look for software that targets quick data entry. You need something that always focuses on the next step in your process, even if it’s a straightforward task like following up on a call.

There are Salesforce alternatives that are a fraction of the price, which your staff will use daily without hesitance, and will integrate into their workflow. They need an option that takes care of all their needs, not just something they use to complete a report 30 minutes before a sales meeting to please their boss.

Managers are just as important to the sales process as their staff and need access to see real-time data and pipeline flows. That’s why it’s important that your lead software management caters to these needs.

There is no benefit in paying around $125 a month for something that doesn’t even focus a quarter of its energy on sales. Choose Salesforce alternatives that are more cost-effective and accessible anytime, from anywhere.

The best Salesforce Alternatives Start With a Trial

Find a service that fits your needs. A two-week free trial should be more than enough to help decide if it is right for you. You don’t need a CRM, but you do need a modernized way to track your leads.

Also if you really need to use Salesforce for example as a consequence of a company wide decision or because you have some complex internal process, you can still save a lot on its licence cost by connecting it to noCRM.

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