An incredibly simple and efficient web based software to help your sales teamstrack to track and close their deals without spending hours filling out forms.

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Sales & Marketing Kit⎪noCRM Brand Assets

Last update on December 6

Our sales & marketing kit is accessible through your partner account in order to help you promote and sell to your customer base.

- Key company info
- Sales presentation
- Brand assets
- Logos and screenshots
- Short description
- Long description
- Key features
- Promotional videos
- Additional sales resources

Key company info

🎂 Launched in November 2013

🇫🇷 Based in Paris, France

🌎 19 employees worldwide

🛡️ GDPR compliant and yearly audited by different security companies

Sales presentation

A PDF presentation that introduces and its mission. It highlights the platform's main functionalities for sales reps, teams, and managers. The purpose of this presentation is for you to share it with your customers to get an overview of what is about and our value proposition.
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Brand assets

1. Logos and screenshots: logos and application screenshots (desktop & mobile).
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2. Short description

noCRM is a Hassle-free lead management software for salespeople. Focus on closing deals, not endless data entry. Streamline your sales process, align your sales team, track & plan with precision, and never miss a follow-up. Get more done & close more deals with noCRM.

3. Long description

noCRM is a hassle-free lead management software built for salespeople. Focus on closing more deals, without wasting time on endless data entry.

noCRM places the leads at the heart, making it easy to manage them through every sales step until closing.

Customize your sales pipeline to match your sales process, and plan every next action you need to take on leads so that you never miss a sales opportunity.

Close more deals, more efficiently with noCRM.

4. Key features

  • Create leads in seconds from business cards, forms, and emails easily
  • Manage your prospecting and sales process separately
  • Import / export prospects and leads from a spreadsheet
  • Customize your sales pipeline to match your sales process
  • Stay on top of your leads with always having next actions set.
  • Never forget a follow-up with reminders synchronized with your calendar
  • Optimize team management and collaboration
  • Monitor your sales performance with visual statistics
  • Connect to thousands of other SaaS applications through our API and Zapier
  • Mobile app for both iOS and Android.
  • Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German and Vietnamese

5. Promotional videos

  • A 3-minute introductory video of noCRM
  • A 10-minute introductory video on how to use

6. Additional sales resources

Discover additional and helpful resources to share with sales communities: noCRM onboarding webinars, sales masterclasses, sales articles and other resources.
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