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In short videos of less than four minutes each, Mariana teaches all you need to know to properly manage a sales team using noCRM.

How to boost your sales team's productivity

Sales activities are what take leads from one step to another in the sales process. With salespeople juggling so many leads, it can be a struggle remembering exactly who they need to follow up with next and when. noCRM’s custom activities allow sales reps to plan what needs to be done throughout the day, week, and month while sales managers can define KPI’s and monitor those metrics.

Our Head of Customer Success, Mariana, is going to break down how you can use noCRM’s custom activities and outcomes in order to better schedule sales follow ups and increase productivity across the team while providing more in-depth metrics for sales leaders to continuously improve performance.


  • Sales activity: all actions taken by sales to help close their deals, emails, calls, meetings everything can be tracked !
  • KPI: key performance indicator used to evaluate and measure the success of a sales rep in meeting objectives for performance.


Learn why clear activity outcomes can help your followup!

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