In the last video of the series, Mariana tackles a touchy issue for most sales managers, how to deal with turnover.

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In short videos of less than four minutes each, Mariana teaches all you need to know to properly manage a sales team using noCRM.

How to deal with turnover in a sales team

Every sales manager has to face turnover at some point. And with the way things are going in the business world, it's happening more and more often. One way to keep your sales reps is to provide them with the tools they need and make sure the software they use, are actually user-friendly.

In order for turnover not to affect your sales performance as much, here is Mariana's tip: get rid of Excel spreadsheets and move to noCRM. With a tool like, it's easier for new hires to get up to speed, instead of wasting valuable hours making sense of an outdated spreadsheet. And for you, it's easier to manage. You'll save time and energy, better spent elsewhere.

Your data is stored securely in a single place. No risk of losing data or information when a sales rep leaves the company. Everything's centralized and the sale process is crystal clear for everyone. So handoff will be smooth-sailing.

You'll no longer be stressed out by turnover and you can relax, enjoy the cruise and focus on what you do best! Happy Selling, indeed!


You'll wish you onboard new hires as well as Mariana!

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