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How SAFIMSA Use for their Sales Team in the Investment Funds Industry

We speak to Marcelo Urdininea of SAFIMSA. See what he had to say about how the company use for their sales team in the investments funds industry

Last update on June 25

Company Name:SAFIMSA
Sector:Investment Funds
Number of Staff:50, of which 22 are sales reps Edition:Expert


Marcelo Urdininea is the General Manager at SAFIMSA, the number one investment fund in Bolivia, South America. Over the years, the company has grown considerably to represent seven of the nine major Bolivian cities and is in charge of 27,000-plus customers.

Our Customer Success in South America, Yanina Baglieri, recently sat down with Marcelo to discuss all things sales, how they build trust with their customers and which direction the industry is heading.

The Sales Setup

SAFIMSA currently employs 50 people, of which 22 are sales reps. The focus isn't merely centred around selling services; it's on providing customers with trust. That trust-building aspect to the relationship means that it can take a little longer to close deals. In the long run, the extra work is worth the time.

Being conservative and holding traditional values is important to clients

Being conservative and holding traditional values are attributes many customers within investment funding desire. SAFIMSA are cautious with their investing, a trait that is held in a good light by clients.

The sales team structure is split between phone sales and face-to-face meets. There is a dedicated cold calling team in the call center, as well as the sales team—sellers who make calls but mainly focus on closing deals via meetings with leads.

Using at SAFIMSA and Essential Sales Skills for Reps

SAFIMSA started using after their previous software caused complications for sales reps as it required too many fields to be filled in. The team at SAFIMSA is divided among seven cities, with acting as the glue that keeps them together.

SAFIMSA started using after their previous software was causing complications

Despite the team physically being different places, Marcelo keeps track of customer follow-ups and general deal progress through the system. Having visibility on the sales team, no matter where they are located, helped SAFIMSA improve sales team management and to grow by over 50 percent in the last two years.

Marcelo believes that persistence and management skills are essential for a sales rep to be successful. When hiring new staff, he looks for people who are keen to train and learn, are persistent and can generate empathy with the customer.

Industry Changes

Customers have access to vast amounts of information online. This means that SAFIMSA needs to continuously keep their clients updated and provide information about investments via an online platform. Many customers no longer wish to visit the company physically, so there needs to be an option for them to see their investments online.

"With the rise of Fintech and Tech Startups, there is a need to offer more flexibility in the type of companies people can invest in. It's about trying to provide new products to customers without losing our core values", says Marcelo.

To read the full interview with Marcelo Urdininea in Spanish, check out "SAFIMSA: Construyendo Confianza con 27,000 Clientes en la Industria de Fondos de Inversión".

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