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A Business Card Scanner App that helps Create Leads in a Jiffy

Find out how's business card scanner removes the hassle of manually entering business card information and improves your lead management process significantly.

A Business Card Scanner App that helps Create Leads in a Jiffy

Salespeople are often in the field, visiting potential clients or meeting new prospects. During their normal workday, they meet many potential clients and prospects and collect dozens of business cards, now imagine having to enter the contact details of each client and prospect from the card. It's tiring, time-consuming, and can be a nightmare for salespeople. Now imagine, if there was an app that could simply scan business cards and store the contact information for them into the lead management software. Amazing isn’t it? Well, noCRM’s mobile app does that for you, so that salespeople can create leads on the go and spend more time creating potential clients than wasting time in the office entering data.

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How to Scan Business Cards & Create Leads with noCRM App?’s objective is to help you become a better salesperson by improving your prospecting strategy and lead management strategy. We have developed a feature that enables you to create leads from business cards in just a few seconds!

attach business card to a lead

To see the magic happen, first, you need to install the mobile app either from the App Store (iPhone) or from Google Play (Android devices).

  • Open your noCRM account on your Smartphone and click on the "+" button
  • Select the option “From a business card”.
  • Either “take a photo” or “Choose existing” photo.
  • That's it!


Once uploaded, it will automatically create a lead with all the information in the business card. The card also will be attached to the lead so you can see it at all times!

Not only does scan the content of the business card; it also completely integrates it so that phone numbers and emails are clickable and leads can be contacted in a click. This really helps in case you're out of the office and you need to call a  prospect you met earlier, just scan their business card using the noCRM app in your smartphone and start qualifying leads. Call the prospect right away!

Want to know more? Watch our tutorial:

We hope you will love the feature and that this will help you with your daily sales activities! Login to your noCRM account and test it yourself right now, or create your free trial account now.

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Author: rana Rana
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