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Case Study: Using in a not for profit structure

Case study looking at how works in a not-for-profit structure, and can help sign up new members and convert leads

Last update on February 11

Company Name:Fundo Paraná
Sector:Not for Profit Edition:Expert is a lead management software that can be used for both profit and not for profit structures. The word “lead” makes us all think about sales and money, but it also works for new memberships or new funds for NGOs.

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Last month we had the chance to talk to Thiago Espindola from Fundo Paraná, a Brazilian not for profit structure that started using about four months ago. Thiago is the Manager of the Development Area of this Brazilian pension fund, and his primary goal is to acquire new members for the fund.

Acquiring new members means calling people and presenting what they have to offer them. When a person is interested, they need to do the follow up until that person becomes a member. Exactly like in a for-profit structure. Thus, not only do the four people in Thiago’s team need to manage prospects but also qualified leads. Perfect!

Inside they manage prospects inside prospecting files

Inside they manage prospects inside prospecting files and transform those into qualified leads in a single click, and they manage them until they “close the deal”, making sure they never miss out on the next action.

“Never miss out on the next action” is key. Potential members need to know that they can trust them and that it’s a serious Pension Fund. Fundo Paraná’s consultants (they are not called salespeople) can’t afford to forget to call back or miss a meeting. They need to call or meet at the exact date and time they had scheduled.

Before they used Excel spreadsheets: “Each consultant had 4 or 5 Excel files with plenty of different colors, each one to explain if there was interest and if it was cancelled, won, …. It was a mess!”, explained Thiago.

Thanks to the new system and the fact that it synchronizes with their calendars, they don't forget a call or a meeting. Everything is automatically done. “For those who were here before the software was implemented, they are still in a transitional phase. For those who got here with the program up and running, it’s amazing to see them create the spreadsheets directly in the system and manage their daily activities only in there”, he added.

Thanks to the new system and the fact that it synchronizes with their calendars, they don't forget a call or a meeting.

As a manager, Thiago couldn’t be happier: “Now the meetings are a lot faster. We go to the meeting room, I open the system on big screen, choose the pipeline view and filter by user. With each one of my consultants I see their pipeline and can help them move forward with leads that are stuck, etc…”, he explains.

For Thiago and his team, has been a great help, and he speaks wonders of the service and the after-sales team: “I’ve hired many SaaS services before. To sell, everybody is available, but once you buy the product, everybody disappears. I’m really happy that you guys can supply an amazing after-sales support. You’ve even developed a feature for me!”.

If you want to see doing wonders for your for profit or not for profit structure, create an account now on

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