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In short videos of less than four minutes each, Mariana teaches all you need to know to properly manage a sales team using noCRM.

How to effectively manage cold and hot prospects

Sales reps handle a fairly large amount of leads on a day-to-day basis. Keeping their pipeline clean and qualified is of utmost importance to ensure they’re focused on the right leads.

Most companies source cold prospects through their marketing department or external vendors to generate more leads for their sales teams. These prospects follow a different process than your warms leads as they might have never heard of your company or services before. They must be managed separately so that you don’t pollute your sales pipeline with leads that could be nowhere near sales-ready.

In this video, Mariana illustrates how you can use noCRM’s Cold Prospect’s prospecting list feature to make sure you continue to funnel in quality leads and keep your conversion rates up.


  • prospecting lists: a unique noCRM feature where all your prospect are listed in a spreadsheet ready to be called and converted to lead
  • cold prospect: a prospect is a contact that is nowhere near the closing stage. In some cases, like when doing cold calling, the contact does not even know your business but he might be a potential customer that could benefit from your product or service


Learn to make the difference between a cold and a hot prospect

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