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Make is an integrations platform that allows users to create connections between 700+ apps without coding knowledge. With Make's noCRM modules, you can:

  • Trigger actions to happen in other apps when leads, tasks, and prospects are created, changed, or deleted
  • Watch for changes that occurred in another app, and sync data with noCRM
  • Access Make's built-in tools to help you format and transfer data between noCRM and other apps.
  • ⚠️ This integration is only available starting at the Sales Essentials edition & Dream Team editions only.

    If you don't have a Make account yet, sign up for a free trial here. If you use Make already but don't have a noCRM.io account, start your free trial today.

    Note: Learn more about no-code and how to build your first automated workflow in our no-code Academy.

    Integrate your Favorite Apps

    List of Supported Triggers

    List of Supported Actions

  • Watch Lead Created
  • Create Lead
  • Watch Lead Step Changed
  • Update a Lead
  • Watch Lead Assigned
  • Delete a Lead
  • Watch Lead Description Changed
  • Update Lead title
  • Watch Lead Deleted
  • Update Lead Step
  • Watch Lead Status Changed
  • Add Tags on a Lead
  • Watch Unassigned Lead Created
  • Update an Estimated Closing Date
  • Watch Task Status Changed
  • Update an Amount and a Probability
  • Watch Lead (Manual Trigger)
  • Update a Lead Status
  • New Manual Trigger
  • Create a Comment on a Lead
  • Watch Prospect Created
  • Add an Attachment on a Lead
  • ------
  • Log an Activity
  • ------
  • Add a New Prospect
  • ------
  • Update/delete a Prospect
  • Getting Started

  • Connect your noCRM.io and Make accounts
  • Example: How to create noCRM leads from new Google Sheet rows

  • Connect Your noCRM.io and Make Accounts

    1. Retrieve your API Key Sign into your noCRM.io account, go to your Admin Panel > Integrations > Built-in Tools > Webhooks and API > API Keys tab >create a new key and copy it.
    2. Go to Make and open the noCRM.io module's "Create a Connection" option.
    3. In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.
    4. In the Subdomain field, enter your account domain name. For example, if your account's URL address is https://xyz.nocrm.io/ then your subdomain is xyz.
    5. In the API Key field, enter the API key copied in step 1, and click Continue.

    Example: How to create noCRM leads from new Google Sheets rows

    Set up your Trigger

  • Sign into your Make account and create a new scenario in the Scenarios section
  • Select Google Sheets and noCRM.io apps
  • Select the Google Sheets module and pick the trigger "Watch Rows"
  • Note: "Watch Rows" triggers when a new row is added.
  • Click on the Add button next to the 'Connections' field and sign into your Google account to give Make access to your Google sheets
  • Select the spreadsheet and sheet you want to retrieve leads from.
  • Note: You may also choose where this module starts retrieving leads from. If you'd like Make to process your historical data, choose the option "All".

    Set up your Action

  • Select the noCRM.io module and pick the action "Create a Lead"
  • Click on the Add button next to the 'Connections' field and follow the steps detailed earlier on this page
  • Once connected, map out the data you want to retrieve from the Google Sheets row.
  • Your scenario is now ready to be run and set live!.

    Step-by-Step Tutorials

    Go to our App Directory and find the app you want to integrate your noCRM account with such as Trello, Slack, Facebook Lead Ads, and Typeform. Each app will have a support page detailing how to build specific workflows.

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