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How to report a bug/an error?

If you have encountered a bug (something that is not working correctly), you will most probably not be able to solve it yourself and need help from our teams. In order for us to be able to fix it fast, we need your help!

Here is a list of items that you will need to gather to report your bug:

  1. a screenshot of the entire page. Make sure that we can see the URL.
  2. a full description of what you were trying to do.

If you don't mind recording a short video, that will help us understand even better what it's about! You can use the video recording software you are used to, and if you don't have one we suggest that you use Loom or Vidyard.

How to speak to our team?

Our Customer Success team is constantly creating new and improving existing resources to help you.

If you haven't found the information you are looking for in our Help Center, Sales Academy, No-code Academy, or even our Video Center, please reach out to us. We will be happy to help you, and you will also be helping us improve our Resources. 😀

The best way to get a hold of our team is through the chat system, which can be found inside your account, at the bottom right corner. The '?' sign forces you to ask a question. If the result is not what you were looking for, say 'no', and you will automatically be redirected to our support team.

If you're locked out of your account and don't have access to the chat system, you can of course email us at

Remember that if you have the Dream Team edition, you are entitled to a callback, and will therefore be able to get all your questions answered over a conference call.

How to get a training session?

If you're looking to get a training session, you have several options:

General information on noCRM

  • Availability indicator: 99.97%. Knowing that most of the downtimes (9 out of 10) are announced, for maintenance reasons, not crashes.
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Data: the data is stored on Amazon US
  • Storage limits: 10Go per user as stated in our Terms of Service
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