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Integrate noCRM with other software

noCRM is a lead management software specializing in helping you qualify and close more leads. While it is 100% focused on lead management, it also offers seamless integration with thousands of other apps. This allows you to extend the capabilities of and create a customized workflow that suits your sales needs.

noCRM offers several built-in tools to help customize your account according to your business requirements. Whether it's to create custom processes or to connect your noCRM account with your internal IT system, you may easily build your ideal solution with the help of our built-in tools.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team to help guide you through the right resources based on your use case.

In this section, you will find detailed explanations of our built-in tools and API. Additionally, we recommend exploring our Integrations Directory for the full list of supported apps, and check out our no-code Academy for guidance on using Zapier and Make.

Connect with your tech stack in one click

Our native integrations allow you to streamline processes across different business apps you are using. We have a directory with all of our supported apps listed in categories such as VoIP, accounting, marketing automation, and more!

Learn how to connect noCRM to your Information System.

Launch custom actions directly from lead cards

Each lead in has an Actions menu with pre-set actions such as lead assignment, information editing, and status changes. You can enrich this menu by adding your own custom actions. For example, you can launch an action that would add a won lead to your information system for invoicing or for your operational team to start working on it.

Learn to launch custom actions directly from lead cards.

Trigger automated email notifications and actions offers a list of events that, when triggered, enable you to automate actions and receive email notifications. This is crucial for ensuring an efficient internal process.

Learn more about automated email notifications and actions.

Automate workflows in noCRM and your favorite apps

Enhance efficiency and improve overall productivity. Create a seamless process that optimizes various tasks and reduces manual effort. Explore how to use no-code to build your ideal solution.

Learn more about automated workflows here.

Build direct integrations using our API & webhooks

Our API offers a wide range of functions, including lead and prospecting list creation and editing. The API also supports "Webhooks" to trigger calls to any program you desire.

Learn more about our API here.

These integrations enable you to push and pull data between, your information system, your tech stack, and your full CRM or ERP. By leveraging these tools, you can streamline your workflows and ensure a seamless exchange of data.

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