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Managing communication with prospects and leads

Managing your leads requires lots of communication: in person, over the phone, virtually, and of course by email. Having to go back and forth between your mailbox and your lead management software can be quite a hassle: copy/paste email addresses, not having all the conversations in a single place, ... it can rapidly become messy.

At noCRM, we have different ways of allowing you to solve this issue:

  • 1. full email integration available in the Dream Team Edition
  • 2. a simple email Bcc available in all Editions

1. Advanced email management features with the Dream Team Edition

The Dream Team edition not only offers full email integration, but also an inbox, email templates, email tracking and more!

All the information you need in the articles below:

  1. Email integration
  2. noCRM Inbox
  3. Email tracking (open & clicks)
  4. Email signature
  5. Email templates (company & user level)
  6. Templates performance (open, clicks, replies)

2. The Bcc system

All the information can be found in this article

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