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How to get started with automation: automate workflows for streamlined processes

The goal of this section, and the four examples we're going to build, is really to help you understand in a practical sense what no-code is and to guide you step-by-step how to build workflows.

We'll start with the first example, the most simple workflow, of assigning an incoming lead to a user. Then, we'll start adding layers of complexity and end with a complete email automation system in noCRM.

Choose an automation platform

As we explained previously, in order to get started with building your first workflow, you must use an automation platform. Here are our two favorites: Zapier and Make.

In the coming workflow examples, we'll illustrate how to do it with both platforms and each time in two different ways. It's your decision to choose the platform you prefer. You can read our advice here.

While you can create workflows between different apps, we are going to be focused on building automation in only, so you will of course need to have a noCRM account.

Note: We will be continuously creating more and more complex workflows to share.

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